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    RAS 1251 stand

    Hi Julian Thanks -I guessed from your post that you had not quite made up your mind. I have provided some more info to Sam who confirms that it will do for his purpose. I am pleased it will be put to good purpose. Thankyou for your interest and good luck with the re roof. H
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    RAS 1251 stand

    Hi guys Thankyou for your interest. On the basis that SammyQ was the first to respond I propose to offer it to him. SammyQ - a pm will be on its way shortly, Regards H
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    RAS 1251 stand

    Free to a good home If anyone has a use for a machine stand for a De Walt 1251 RAS let me know. It's the genuine DW part. Collect from Nottingham or it can be dismantled and mailed at your cost.
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    The kitchen is finished!

    Derek -lovely job!
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    Brick floor - any thoughts

    Mr DavidRoberts I'm sure AJB Temple can check out prices etc. By posting a recommend for Bingley Stone I hoped to give him a first pointer based on a recent personal experience and the rest is then down to him. One man's opinion on what constitutes 'value' can be very different to the next. I...
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    Brick floor - any thoughts

    AJ - if you go down the york stone route have a chat with these guys http://www.bingleystone.com/ I have recently modified a kitchen hearth and they supplied a lintel and sawn slabs (to my sizes) for what I thought was a very reason price. They have an amazing mill house/yard with new and...
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    Fitting a wind brace to an existing timber frame

    Just my thoughts Hot dipped galvanised, copper and silicone bronze metal/fixings are fine with oak. I appreciate you may wish to stick with a timber solution and have confidence in your construction. I'd cut 3 lengths of oak to the dimension of the brace. Cut a scarf joint in the middle piece...
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    Chris' Parquet Flooring Project.

    Should have said I laid the parquet blocks direct onto the floor boards after roughing them up a bit with a flap disk in the angle grinder.
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    Chris' Parquet Flooring Project.

    Hi Chris - did a similar job at home and have to say that scraping out bitumen from the sides and backs of the blocks is the most tedious of jobs. There are fancy adhesives but I used solvented cartridge adhesive ( Saves nails, gap fill type stuff ). 5 blobs per block. Buy in packs and it's...
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    Re finishing maple work tops

    Guys - many thanks for the recommends. I'll give the Fiddes hardwax oil a try.
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    Re finishing maple work tops

    Hi guys - I am refurbing our kitchen. Maple worktops ( jointed boards) have generally survived 20 years quite well but with some staining around the sink/cooking areas. We are replacing these with granite and will strip/refinish the remaining maple tops. These have been finished/maintained with...
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    Drying freshly cut walnut and woodworm help

    And here is a photo of a platter I made with one on the pieces of walnut. Sure was difficult to plane down that crutch. It's had a paraffin wax food finish hence the slightly dark finish. (To get an idea of scale -roughly 16" long)
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    Drying freshly cut walnut and woodworm help

    Hi I had some walnut rings planked up by Mike Cawthorne at MacTimber about 3 years back. Cut to circa 35mm they took around 2 years to dry in a shed. No infestation. I don't think your moisture meter will be much use - the surface will be 'dry' long before the innards. Your best bet is to use...
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    Oak Framed Porch

    Dusty Thanks for the post and very nicely done! Personally the design is not to my taste but the client is always right. If you have the opportunity can you post a photo when the porch is tiled. Thanks.
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    Removing a fireplace, a question or two.

    Nice looking fireplace - if you can get it out in its respective lumps you should be able to sell it on. It's got some presence but I appreciate that in a small room it may be overbearing. It should come off the wall reasonably easily and slate is pretty forgiving. Chop away the plaster round...
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    Hi, From Michigan USA

    Hi Gary Also a welcome from me. Robin
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    What is it called?

    As previously posted the milling forum on Arbtalk is the place to have a look at. DIY milling sounds great but a lot of the 'value' from your own grown timber depends on the expertise of the operator. Some of the guys operate as mobile millers - perhaps an option for you to consider?
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    What did Santy bring?

    A box set of Narex chisels :D from my son. A very nice present though I suspect there may be an ulterior motive :ho2
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    Interesting thread guys. Would a change of roof come under Building Regs?
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    Gallows bracket porch in green oak

    Yep, likewise I do like a mortar verge. I also cut tile slips to 'close out' the ridge tile and stuck them in place and then mortared them in. My only regret is not using white cement - the lighter mortar would have brought out the verge detail. Guys -your feedback is much appreciated.