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    RAS 1251 stand

    Free to a good home If anyone has a use for a machine stand for a De Walt 1251 RAS let me know. It's the genuine DW part. Collect from Nottingham or it can be dismantled and mailed at your cost.
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    Re finishing maple work tops

    Hi guys - I am refurbing our kitchen. Maple worktops ( jointed boards) have generally survived 20 years quite well but with some staining around the sink/cooking areas. We are replacing these with granite and will strip/refinish the remaining maple tops. These have been finished/maintained with...
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    Stanley tape measure- relacement tape

    Hi I'm after a replacement tape for a Stanley 8 metre/26' tape measure? I'd rather not chuck the thing away -it's a 25 year old friend :( Any ideas?
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    Gallows bracket porch in green oak

    Hi guys and girls I've been busy over the last week or so making the pieces for a porch out of green oak and I thought you might like to see a few photos. The joints are pegged M&T's with a bit of PU glue and the odd stainless coach screw for good luck and the timbers are around 75mm by 100mm...
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    Wall mounted condensing central heating boiler

    Hi My daughter's boyfriend is going to leave his house unoccupied over the winter. I have advised total drain down of the water systems. The drain down of radiators etc is straightforward but is there anything that needs to be done to empty any residual water in the condensing boiler?? Your...
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    Ricky - our Westie

    Sadly, we had to let Ricky go today - just shy of his 14th birthday owing to a combination of old age and a cancer. I can't really describe how close we have been and how much he will be missed. A very close and faithful friend and a true ambassador for the Westie breed. A photo from happier...
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    Danish oil - help!

    I have been away for a few days and my dear wife has danish oiled a pine table top :roll:.Whilst this sort of initiative should not be discourage there is problem. She has put several coats on with a jenny brush and has not wiped off the excess. The finish has ended up very high gloss whereas...
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    Keepsake box

    Hi guys First time I've posted any of my work. My niece is getting married tomorrow and she asked me to make a keepsake box that would hold letters from the bride and groom and a bottle of wine. All to be opened 10 years on. Wood is a mix of Ash and American Cherry for contrast. Ian...
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    Any carvers?

    Hi I have been asked to make a 'keepsake wine box' for my niece who is getting married shortly. I was wondering if anyone would be able to carve names and a date on the lid for me. Beer tokens applicable :)
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    Angela Merkel

    Made me chuckle :) http://www.weeklystandard.com/sites/all ... eview.jpeg
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    Kitchen units - ready made

    Guys, I would appreciate your advice. My son and young family have just moved into a doer upper in Leeds. Maybe it's more of a challenge than they had first thought? :roll: The existing kitchen is pretty horrible and they need to move quickly and get in a new kitchen that is clean, safe, free...
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    Some of you may recall this post walnut-ringed-t76900.html Well, Pete Maddex put his hand up and now has a couple of big lumps. In a year or so's time I'm sure he'll be showing us a few piccies....... I also kept some lumps but I only have a small worktop bandsaw, so I contacted Mike...
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    Walnut -ringed

    I buy unseasoned arisings for splitting from a few local tree surgeons and have had a ringed walnut tree dropped on my drive. A big tree some 30" across at its base. I did ask why he'd not thought to get it milled and it seems the access was only wide enough to barrow it out in pieces. Such a...
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    Wireless burglar alarms?

    My daughter's house has a 12 year old 'Yale' wireless alarm. She's only been in the house a month and the alarm is erratic with false alarms during the night. She's had a guy out who's tested settings etc and made the control panel inactive by battery removal but the back box is still giving...
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    Stanley No78

    Its quite an occasion for me to sharpen up and use the No78 instead of the table saw or router. It did me proud..... basically 25mm x 20mm rebated over 4metres but with the 25 mm tapering out to 5mm towards both ends. Wood was 100 year old pine roofing boards with some hard knots. You can't beat...
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    Notching a beam - router?

    Bit of DIY advice please.... I am going to replace a wooden beam in a ceiling and plan to route out the notches for the short joists using my Triton TRA 001. There are 20 notches each roughly 110x40x70. The beam will be some sort of pine. What type of router bit(s) would you guys recommend...
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    Severn Bridge toll area

    Doing my weekly commute from Nottingham to CardiffI I pulled up for the Severn Bridge toll this morning. Traffic was tailing back a bit and I noticed a lorry a couple of lanes across with smoke/steam comimg from a tyre. Couple of minutes later said tyre bursts into flames -potentially pretty...
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    Chainsaw anyone ?

    Apparently washed ashore US North West Pacific Coast http://data.sailboatowners.com/photos/1344621920.jpg
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    Yes, I know.....but its quite a good variant........... On their way to get married, a young Catholic couple is involved in a fatal car accident. The couple find themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven. While waiting, they begin to wonder...
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    Ooops B&Q

    Self scanning a 2.5 litre can of Dulux emulsion at B&Q this am (and before I paid) the bl%^&y can slipped out of my hand, it fell off the counter, lid flops off and the contents gloops over the floor. I was embarrassed and very apologetic. The staff seemed ok said they'd deal with it and told...