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  1. peter-harrison

    Collection boxes and clock for Cambridge Central Mosque

    Here they are finished and installed. The boxes are English oak on a birch ply core, and the clock is sand-shaded oak veneer on a cnc’d birch ply base. The clock graphics are laser- cut vinyl
  2. peter-harrison

    3 wheels or 4?

    I’ve got to get a new power feed for my spindle moulder. The present one is a three- wheeler which is the only kind I’ve ever used. What’s the advantage of the 4th wheel? Is it worth the extra £ 150 odd?
  3. peter-harrison

    Router table plate FTAGH

    Hi, I’ve used this for many years It’s drilled for 2 different Festool routers plus a few others. There’s an infeed pin and three aperture reducers. free to collect from 38 cheddars lane CB58LD or posted in Uk for £5.
  4. peter-harrison

    B&D urban myth?

    Several years ago a power tool repairer who was fixing something for me told me that DIY grade Black & Decker electric drills had a total designed running time of 10 minutes. That is that they are designed to run for a total of 10 minutes in their entire lives! I was outraged, then a bit...
  5. peter-harrison


    Hi all, here’s what I’m working on at the moment. It’s a special clock with 7 faces. Made with cnc’d birch ply, veneered with sand shaded oak and finished with satin lacquer
  6. peter-harrison

    Mystery timber

    Hi, can anyone help me to name this wood? It was part of an antique wardrobe. the grain is very fine. It’s on the lighter side of medium density.
  7. peter-harrison

    Advice on paper jointed turning blanks please

    I have a contract coming up which needs eight quarter-columns, 800mm long, largest radius about 240mm. I've done paper jointed turnings before, but much smaller and just in half, not quarters. Has anyone out there done something similar, and if so, any tips? Thanks for looking! Pete
  8. peter-harrison

    Open workshop in Cambridge this weekend

    Hi everyone, if you live near Cambridge and are at a loose end this weekend you might like to come to my Open Studio. It's Friday to Sunday. See attached poster for deets.
  9. peter-harrison

    4" brown chestnut or oak?

    Hi, I rashly gave a client a swatch of timber samples, and they chose brown chestnut for the legs of a large table. Trouble is, it's hard to find, even in 2"! Has anyone any ideas? I'm in Cambridge but would travel or arrange a courier
  10. peter-harrison

    Big key

    Here's a big key I have just made from alder. It's going to be cast in steel.
  11. peter-harrison


    Hi everyone, I have an open weekend 6th-7th and 13th-14th, 11am-6pm There are 2 woodworkers, a stonemason, 2 jewellers and 5 artists. All welcome. It's at 38 Cheddars Lane Cambridge CB5 8LD
  12. peter-harrison

    Rocking chair design

    I made the rocking chair in the picture about 20 years ago. It's not quite right comfort-wise, and I threw away the jigs years ago. I now want to make another one, and am having a bit of a job with the ergonomics. Does anyone have any knowledge/ideas regarding the basics, like the angle of seat...
  13. peter-harrison

    Hafele kitchen fittings for sale

    Hi, I am having a clear-out and am selling some kitchen fittings. Bin unit, https://www.hafele.co.uk/en/product/pul ... e700020023 Listed at £235+vat. 3 solid beech drawer kits https://www.hafele.co.uk/en/product/sol ... 5600010023 One has a small damage to the drawer bottom Listed at £33 each...
  14. peter-harrison

    Extractor ducting FREE

    I have about 10 metres of 200mm ducting plus a few bits of other sizes. Central Cambridge. My number is 07718 287843.
  15. peter-harrison

    Wadkin AGS/P rise and fall

    I have had this for about 20 years and for the whole time I have had it, the rise and fall has been very hard work- a two-handed job involving some grunting. There's no greasing point mentioned in the manual. Any ideas? It's one of the newer models, not the classic AGS that most posts on this...
  16. peter-harrison

    Any suggestions?

    Hi all, I have to make a turned shape as shown in the attached drawing. It's just the top shape. I'm trying to work out the best order to turn the elements- inside, outside, foot? I have a Graduate lathe with a Patriot chuck and a good selection of gouges scrapers etc The finish of the interior...
  17. peter-harrison

    Top of the list

    For as long as I have been visiting this forum, it seems, the same two, three or four topics have been at the top of the list, and without new posts in them. Why is this?
  18. peter-harrison

    Anyone know where to get these?

    I'm looking for some of these plates. Any ideas? If you know what they're called, that would also be a help. Thanks for looking. Pete
  19. peter-harrison

    Invitation to an open workshop in Cambridge

    Hi All, I am participating in Cambridge Open Studios, and will be opening my workshop from 11am-6pm on the 14-15 and 21-22nd July. It's at 38 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD. Free entry. If you already have a guide, I'm at 41a. https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/attach ... 2018-guide
  20. peter-harrison

    Osmo over Danish

    Is it OK to put Osmo oil over Danish? It's on oak.