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  1. mrpercysnodgrass

    French Polish Problem.

    I think what has probably happened is you have a little bit of shrinkage on the one light (sycamore!) tile. The shrinkage is uneven giving you a bow shaped gap, it is possible you may get further shrinkage what with the pieces being solid. As I said before you could fill this gap and flat it...
  2. mrpercysnodgrass

    French Polish Problem.

    I don't think another coat of shellac will fill the crack. I would fill the crack with a hard wax stick, rubbing the wax into the crack then levelling it off using the back of some old sandpaper. You can then put some more shellack on if it needs it.
  3. mrpercysnodgrass

    Refinishing help

    Madaseyeh. Have you stripped the tops and are now wanting to match them back into the base?
  4. mrpercysnodgrass

    Mystery tool another

    There are three Townsend's listed for Hereford, my guess would be George the glove maker, it looks like a leather workers tool to me but it is just a wild guess!!! Pigot's Commercial Directory of Herefordshire 1840 (Index) Townsend Charles Broad Street Ross Fruiterer 28, 29...
  5. mrpercysnodgrass

    How can I revive this old french bed frame?

    You have completely misunderstood the op’s intentions. He said he wanted to revive the finish sympathetically retaining the patina!!!! If he did as you suggested and took a wire brush on a drill to it he would be left with driftwood!!!!
  6. mrpercysnodgrass

    How can I revive this old french bed frame?

    I did not know you could buy ammonia in shops, I have just had a quick look, it seems what you can buy is just under 10% mine is industrial 33%. So the answer is yes you can use it. So if you are going down the road of making your own reviver here is my recipe. All measurements are approximate...
  7. mrpercysnodgrass

    How can I revive this old french bed frame?

    If you rub an inconspicuous area with meths using fine wire wool or a nylon pad and the finish dissolves then it is shellac. If not it can be almost anything! What you have is a beech framed bed that was stained to look like walnut or possibly mahogany, the originals were mostly made from...
  8. mrpercysnodgrass

    How can I revive this old french bed frame?

    The first thing to do is to use a 'reviver' There are off the shelf ones available which I have never used and unless you have linseed oil ammonia and meths you might have to use the commercial ones like this one Lakeone Reviver After using the reviver a few rubbers of button or garnet polish...
  9. mrpercysnodgrass

    Re-finishing a table

    Osmo is similar in that it is an oil finish and it is applied in the same way. If you are happy with danish oil and the slight amber hue it will give your maple then I would go with that as it is a fraction of the price and a really great product.
  10. mrpercysnodgrass

    Re-finishing a table

    You have a few choices for stripping, sanding, scraping or a paint stripper like this one Paramose DCM Paint Stripper 5L or a combination of all. Osmo top oil 'natural' will give a good finish and help to retain the light colour of the maple.
  11. mrpercysnodgrass

    How to get a uniform stain on Alder?

    How about using a tinted oil like Osmo Honey. I used it on an engineered oak floor applying it with a mini roller and got a really good colour and finish.
  12. mrpercysnodgrass

    How to make a hollow.

    Could you turn the dish you need on the lathe then inlay it into your board? That is how it is done on antique games tables but may not be suitable for a chopping board!
  13. mrpercysnodgrass

    Oak tannin stains?

    It looks as though you have some tannin stains and some mould. I think the first thing to do would be to wipe it over with some domestic bleach. Make sure you apply the bleach over the entire section, finishing with the grain, that way you will avoid any blotches. Apply the bleach neat using a...
  14. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Veritas Honing guide Mk.II

    Veritas Mk. II standard honing guide. I have only used this about three times, I bought a Tormek T7 and this has sat on the shelf ever since! £30 including mainland delivery.
  15. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Record 405 Multi Plane

    Yes did reply but it seems the messages are not getting through!! Had my ‘Jab’ today so not tip top!! Will message you in the morning. Regards. Paul.
  16. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Woden 187 Saw Vice £50 including delivery

    Okay will do in the morning. Had my ‘Jab’ today so not tip top!!
  17. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Woden 187 Saw Vice £50 including delivery

    I think so. It came through to my email and I replied. Did you get the reply?
  18. mrpercysnodgrass

    Sold Record 405 Multi Plane

    Still for sale