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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Dare I ask what she intends to use it for?
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    Lathe: Bolt down or Rubber Feet

    Only thing I would say is make sure when you bolt the lathe to the bench it is straight and level. If you inadvertently introduce any twist into the bed it will cause you problems. Use shims if necessary to pack it. Not going to be as critical as it would be with a metal working lathe, but you...
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    How to stop a garden bench falling backwards!

    Ah well spotted, I hadn't noticed that. Agree that it certainly needs something to ensure the legs are well braced in both directions.
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    Drilling very wet, very hard wood

    I would have thought a carbide twist drill with a good rake so you have a narrow cutting edge will do the trick. These will cut through hardened steel. The usual problem with cutting a big hole in wood with a twist drill is that the friction heats the wood up. It then expands and grips the...
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    1/ 4" trimmer router question

    Most important thing if you have never used a router is to familiarise yourself with the difference between conventional and climb cutting. Have a practice on some scrap. There are loads of good articles and videos about this. Very important to understand this, both for the good of the tool, and...
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    Unequal bevel on Sorby Bowl gouge

    I bought a Parkside disc sander, just basically a motor with a disc on the end. Designed to take 125mm sanding discs. Thing that attracted me was it is variable speed. Modified to take diamond lapping discs I now use it for sharpening all my metal lathe tools, best 25 quid I've spent in a long...
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    An alternative collection

    Takes me back, as a kid I had an e type pedal car, and my mate had a jeep. We had a really long sloping drive and so the trick was to get it going then wedge your feet out of the way of the pedals as you picked up speed. Then you had to shove your feet out the bottom into the ground to stop. The...
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    How to stop a garden bench falling backwards!

    Agree, looks like the front of the seat is also way out in front of the front legs, so could easily tip forwards as well. If you look at a normal wooden park bench you will see that the front legs are typically close to, or even in front of, the foremost part of the seat. Likewise the back legs...
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    Fixing skirting boards

    Was going to say the same as Richard, just use no more nails. If you have any areas where it needs pushing into the wall then just fix a 2x2 to the floor a short distance away, and use suitable lengths of scrap to wedge it in place while it sets. If you ever need to take it off in the future...
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    Very sad news

    This glosses over the revolution and aftermath completely. Read any of the numerous sources on the Nobel family history, or of Royal Dutch Shell and Standard Oil. In early 1920 the Soviets took Nobel's company, Branobel, into state ownership and he was expelled. The Soviets also then took all...
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    Very sad news

    As Mr M might have said, "you cannot be serious". Russia Beyond is a state sponsored propaganda outlet, you think you are going to get the truth? Some people's naivety is truly astonishing.
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    Very sad news

    A classic example was the oil industry in Russia. Pre revolution they were producing something approaching three quarters of the entire world supply. Post revolution the commissars turned up and took everything into state ownership. Some of the business owners, Nobel for example, were allowed to...
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    Very sad news

    Not sure The NHS is a fair comparison. This falls into the category I was talking about earlier, where the benefits to society outweigh the cost. Not sure you can make the same argument in favour of mining. When the price of tin collapsed the industry in Cornwall largely shut down as the cost of...
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    Very sad news

    Agreed, and apologies for my part, we have got a bit off topic haven't we. Suspect HRH might have found that quite amusing in itself, God bless him.
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    Very sad news

    How do you work that out? If the government pays say £60 to get a ton of coal out of the ground, then sells it for £30 how is that by any stretch of the imagination economic?
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    Very sad news

    I think you are absolutely right. It was only by curbing the union's that we were able to attract companies like Nissan and Honda to set up here. I do believe that certain industries are so vital that they should be state controlled, but only the basic utilities like water, gas and elecricity...
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    Very sad news

    The car and bike industries were both victims of complacency. Take Land Rover as an example. A fine vehicle when launched but as long as people kept buying them they saw no need to develop the product, so a series 3 from the late seventies was still essentially the same vehicle as launched in...
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    I have ended up buying an old Raleigh winner for £30 and a turbo trainer. This combo is now getting some use as I try and build up a bit of fitness so as not to embarrass myself too much when I go out on the road. Used to do a 25 in under an hour, now I suspect I would need an ambulance after 10...
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    Very sad news

    1970's, strikes all the time especially in nationalised industries. Any effort at reform, modernisation or improvements in quality or productivity usually met with cries of all out brothers. So we spent years subsidising the likes of British Leyland to the tune of millions, to produce outdated...
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    Very sad news

    British Leyland, NCB, British Rail etc etc.