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    Pocket holes for draws

    I rebuilt our old pine chest of drawers a couple of years ago, a very simple cottage piece and whilst the drawers are indeed dovetailed the main carcase is held together with miniature cut nails, which I mostly reused, I think a good bit of their holding power is that they rust slightly and...
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    Workshop apron or coat

    Blue coat for me, baggy enough to wear a body-warmer underneath if need be but given its just light cotton its surprisingly warm but I like the brown ones, mine also has poppers which I really dont like. Ive been toying with the idea of a bib and brace, the yanks have some really lovely ones in...
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    Drilling metal

    Its funny but somtimes you find that opening out a hole in metal can actually more dificult than just drilling a hole, its to do with the pointy bit of the drill not having anything to do, your just relying on the flutes being sharp and hard enough to cut through, well thats my experience anyway,,
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    Large Forstner bits (55mm plus)

    Please forgive my complete ignorance but if I found myself haveing to drill a hole nearly 3ins wide and 10inches deep and I had access to a lathe I think I might try sharpening up the teeth on a Core Drill and seeing if with a bit of force and a lot of clearing if it would drill through, if its...
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    Best handle wood?

    Toolstation have a range of handles for sledge hammers and picks, around £6 or £7 I bought one and trimmed it to fit my wood splitting maul several years ago and its had some heavy use without problems. I suspect most builders merchants have them.
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    Challenge - 18th century transport box design and materials?

    Dr W above found the Wardian Case, these are the cases I had read about, looking at the old photo you see a fairly roughly made “wooden crate” but the design hints are all there, the use of bars, perforated zinc, perhaps zinc trays to hold the water, sisal rope and glass, these are the elements...
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    Challenge - 18th century transport box design and materials?

    When I read this post it struck a chord, Im quite intrested in historical navel stories, Patrick OBrian is a favourite, but I recently read an account of Capt Blighs fatefull voyages and there was something there about special cases for transporting specimin plants,,,these might not help you but...
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    More a shop made machine

    At first glance I thought I was looking at an old Flip Top bin and thinking that might help tidy up my scraps corner,,,quite a shock to read its an ice cream tub!,,but its got me thinking about Addis Bins now though,thanks. Steve.
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    Aluminium sash clamps

    Anyone had any experience of those ones where you buy the cast iron ends and fit them to a bit of tube? conduit would be flimsey but gas barrel would be okay if it fits,,,the Americans seem to use them all the time and you can buy them on ebay very cheaply,,,maybe they are rubbish? I had a pair...
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    Or you could combine both the “cat litter”and the “spread it on the garden” ideas and turn your garden into a more attractive cats toilet than it is already,,,I wouldn't encourage them!
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    Trailer wheels/tyres

    Ive checked ebay for 8 ply R13 and there are good deals on there too, when I bought my wheels and tyres last year western were cheap, but you might find others cheaper now.
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    Trailer wheels/tyres

    Hi, the company is Western Towing,the link should be below,,and With luck it will take you directly to the tyres and wheels sect. I bought brake parts as well and when I rang them they were knowledgeable friendly and helpful. Good luck...
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    Trailer wheels/tyres

    I bought some trailer parts inc a pair of wheels and trailer tyres from a trailer place down the west country, (I can look it up if you need) and they were cheaper than just trailer tyres ordered from tyre fitting places or local trailer shops. Fast service, friendly and helpful and good quality...
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    private charge notice

    I wish someone would invent a gadget that started to beep if you started to exceed the speed limit, perhaps sat nav technology controlled for changing limits, that way you could concentrate on your driving. Although Ive not been on one, people I know who have gone on the police speed awareness...
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    Ful-Use vice?

    So the flat part bolted down to the bench is perhaps an anvil? And jaws have both been beefed up but I cannot visualise the cut outs making it any easier to cut anything,,, maybe it would, but it has provision for wooden jaw plates which wouldn't take too kindly to bolts and the like? But its an...
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    Ful-Use vice?

    Isnt it a strange arrangement,,with it all bolted on the surface and the rails and screw in your way and getting covered in rubbish,,and the two round notches,,its very difficult to even guess at the idea behind it,,,I dont suppose its a special type tool with a particular application,,and because...
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    White mould on stored oak planks

    Im not really the best person to ask, oak just weathers outside and becomes grey, the wood has lots of quite powerful tannins in it and just speaking personally I would of course clean off the mould, using a bit of bleach and then as its going to be outside cladding just use it, again its just...
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    Moss on roof

    However as your now talking about Felt we have a felted roof on my shed and on its east faceing side there is quite thick moss, it looks great and the birds do seem to like it but I did wonder if it might be eating into the mineral felt, is it likly to be damaging it? Steve.
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    White mould on stored oak planks

    If its going to be used for exterier cladding than I think I would give it a good scrub with bleach and hope that being outside in the air would prevent its return,,,I think, and I might be wrong, but nearly all mould thrives on damp still air, the mould you've got looks like the stuff Ive seen...
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    Ful-Use vice?

    Is it shown upside down in your photo,,? Steve.