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  1. Sachakins

    Quartz overlay kitchen worktops

    One thing to consider is the carcass base. These are still heavy, so if your base is on plastic adjustable feet, I would worry about their strength to support the extra weight. Also the flatness and stability of existing tops, any bow in them would cause a weak spot, prone to crack the overlay...
  2. Sachakins

    Pot, Bowl or Bell?

    Neither, it's a Vase 🙂🙃😉🙃🙂
  3. Sachakins

    Homemade cyclone dust collector collapsing

    Yep, that's why I always show this video for cyclone queries, very good solution. If you really want to delve into dust extractor, cyclone, impeller and motor sizing, then search for Bill Pentz, he takes it to a whole new level.
  4. Sachakins

    any suggestions on how to do this cut?

    Flutting/barley twist jig for lathe. Maybe something like this? Or maybe this
  5. Sachakins

    Homemade cyclone dust collector collapsing

    Have a look at Jim's cyclone on a camvac with relief valve, and why it's needed.
  6. Sachakins

    any suggestions on how to do this cut?

    If its a one off, I'd go with a rigid tenon saw, or router and a flutting jig type assembly. Could go down the Dremmel route also, might be easier than other ways.
  7. Sachakins

    New lathe

    If new, the record power coronet Herald should fit your bill. Small foot point, nice piece of kit. Got mine about 9 months back, been great little beast, everything from rings right up to 18" bowls. I went for it because of cast iron bed, previous record power had bed bars, which became a...
  8. Sachakins

    Another Joke

    Well, its now that time to get...
  9. Sachakins

    Top tip

    You have to be careful with that stuff, you need to clean out the wound first, with a sterile cleaner. If you don't and you trap something nasty under the liquid skin, it can cause all sorts of nasties.
  10. Sachakins

    Small Bandsaw

    There are two for sale in this forum's market place now.
  11. Sachakins

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thanks for the link, took a look and I am certain it's the same as the Wikipedia photo. Great to have it cleared up, cheers.
  12. Sachakins

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thanks, I had a mix of woods on the off cuts pallet I bought, described as oak, mahogany, iroko, tulip wood, and poplar. Someone else suggested those particular 3x2x40" lengths wood be either Tulip or Poplar, it don't feel like poplar to me, but never seen tulip wood before, so really just a...
  13. Sachakins

    Things you say that got you into the dog house.

    Wife ... Does my bum look big in this? Husband... err, umm, well, No Darling, then for some inexplicable reason, his brain disconnects for a split second, and he goes on to say, ...Huge would be better description. He has been in Intensive Care for 10 days so far......
  14. Sachakins

    Homemade cyclone dust collector collapsing

    You could add a vacuum/pressure relief valve to the barrel. https://www.festoolownersgroup.com/other-tools-accessories/how-to-make-an-'auto-resetting'-pressure-relief-valve-for-cyclones/
  15. Sachakins

    Liberon Dutch oil and foam brushes, or cotton?

    Best to soak them with water and ĺeave flat out side. Crunching them up actually increases the risk of them self combustion
  16. Sachakins

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    A couple of newly turned Easter bowls. Small one oak, larger teddy bear bowl is Tulip Wood (Poplar?) I think. Each made from offcuts, salvaged from a door and kitchen joinery workshop.
  17. Sachakins

    Dust extraction choices

    I would also look at this site http://billpentz.com/woodworking/cyclone/
  18. Sachakins

    Another Joke

    God bless her, and ALL who SAIL in her.........
  19. Sachakins

    Drum Sander diy pre build question.

    I was only going to go to 14" Or 16" wide. Do you think it will still be too thin?
  20. Sachakins

    Drum Sander diy pre build question.

    I think I'll make a simple under drum (sand flee type) this will allow me to flatten large rings, then I could face off the other side on the lathe if they're not parallel. I the mean time I can still use my Luthiers Friend type jig for my thin stock, as although I say there long, to me 36" is...