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    The most frustrating thing you have encountered lately

    Ok, whats the most frustrating thing you have encountered lately that has consumed more time than you could have imagined but initially you thought it will be simple, I don't mean partners, pets or the like but task, projects and manmade items? For me it is a so called smart phone that has...
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    Edge joints

    Hi Well I am doing a lot more reading due to the lockdown and trying to expand woodworking knowledge when I came across edge jointing methods. Biscuits seem to be the choice for many and they say the strength is in the glue joint if the boards are properly jointed so biscuits just help...
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    This puts the Virus into the shadows

    Hi all Just when you think things cannot get any worse than having this pandemic around some muppets have now decided that West Cumbria is a potential site for a new experimental nuclear reactor next door to Sellafield, the worlds largest radioactive dump. I suppose it is because it is as far...
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    Increasing cost & shortages

    Hi all We all know of the price hikes and shortages when it comes to our woodworking but it is far more reaching. I need to upgrade a Pc and normally it is a simple process but at the moment there is a big shortage of some components due to Chinas's production capacity and as a result prices...
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    Router base / guides

    Hi all Followed a link to the new Woodpecker multifunction router base which looked ok, Woodpecker stuff always looks good and is well made but I dug a bit deeper and looked at what others had said and many talked about M-Power products being as good but cheaper. In particular this is what it...
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    The Maskery approach

    Whilst looking through Steves video on tables saws looking for a jig I was sure I had seen there, I noticed his approach to getting things made and overcoming a problem was not to turn to his wallet but put his brain into overdrive and come up with a jig, and he has lots of jigs. So I thought...
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    Glue and more Glue, so what do you use?

    Hi Well I have probably taken glue for granted and I dare say I am not the only one , ever since being recomended Titebond 3 that is what I have used for woodworking and never questioned the choice, whilst for general construction jobs I always use Sikaflex EBT but whilst looking for kitchen...
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    New logo or lets house the homeless veterans

    How can organisations waste so much money on something that does not benefit the intended recipients. People donate money during the poppy appeal to support our military veterans so how can they allow some to be homeless whilst wasting money on a new logo, surely the British legion and the...
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    Hi all What is the process for providing a customer with a kitchen, I know for many this is just a case of going to one of the local sheds, picking one and then getting it thrown in, exactly what I did many years ago with MFI the original chipboard flat pack merchants but I was young and...
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    20mm Dogs

    Hi all Yes I could trawl through loads of videos and do some searches but with so many people on these forums using these dogs then getting the facts and experiences from the horses mouth has to be a good way to proceed. I have some 40mm Benchdogs in alloy but I think stainless would be a more...
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    Parf guide 3 anyone

    Hi all Well have been making holes with a Parf guide 2 system and I now can see that things could be better. First the initial 3mm holes using the rulers for keeping the hole matrix square is fine, it works and delivers the required location holes. Now when it comes to actually cutting the...
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    Who can you trust with your data.

    Hi all You must all have seen the fiasco about the police losing loads of data from their computer system, it makes you realise that incompetance seems to be rife in all departments and sections of our society with a lot of people in jobs well beyond their ability but they probably have a...
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    Alternative joining method

    Hi all Well woodworking when simplified comes down to just a matter of joining multiple pieces of wood together to make a single item, sounds easy but compared to metalwork people seem to have created every possible variant on joints that can be imagined. Well I have been looking into my...
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    Potential cost saving on filter

    During online searching this item poped up, a Festool 203759 Main Filter for the CTL 26 & CTL 36 and at £48 plus VAT, this looks just like an automotive airfilter and if people want to save money then take one down to somewhere that sells automotive parts and if it can be matched then I bet you...
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    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    The obvious is too little to late, missed opportunities and shambolic. Is this the fault of this government, no it would have been the same with any government because the way the system is setup. First mistake, forgetting we are an island nation and not slamming the borders shut as soon...
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    Cabinet hinges

    Hi all Been looking at @doctor Bob 's kitchens and others and I do prefer any hinge other than the euro cup type and with inset doors, but do people use a jig and router for fitting the butt type hinges or just hand tools and skill?
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    Router lift development

    Have been reading some older books and looking at other info, I know the router lift is a relatively recent item here in the UK but had not realised how much earlier it had been around in the states before it came here and it has more history than I had realised. I suppose it was an obvious...
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    How to make lots of cabinets fast.

    Hi all This is an interesting video about mass production of kitchen cabinets, no woodworkers needed.
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    MDF kitchen units

    Hi all As a temporary measure I decided to just use a double highline kitchen unit to sit my new hob on until I get the new kitchen sorted later and it has been a while since getting involved with Mdf kitchen units because their only positive feature is cheapness, much better to use ply and...
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    Senaca adaptor

    Hi all Been looking at these and I know someone on these forums uses one with a 4mm cutter on a 700 but there are reportedly some issues with them damaging the machine. I suspect these originate from Festool because used correctly I cannot see how this would happen and although it is not...