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    How to adjust dewalt 745 fence parallel to blade

    Hi all, After much deliberation I decided to get a dewalt 745 as my first table saw. I having trouble getting the fence parallel to the blade. In the manual it suggest just moving the fence to the blade and using that as the setting. The way I am testing how parallel the blade is to the fence...
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    Grinding molding plane irons

    Just wondering how do people grind/ hollow molding plane irons as they would be easier to sharpen with a hollow if they've been abused in the past?
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    Sharpening/grinding firmer or paring gouges

    Hi all, I recently acquired an old former gouge. I've had a go at restoring the edge but have come accross a problem I can't seem to solve. Initially when grinding the gouge back to shape I couldn't get it square as the edge would just fall apart/horrifically chip. I then found out I could be...
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    Cutting the sides of dovetail pin boards

    My sawing isn't 100% so when cutting the sides of dovetail pin boards (the waste at either ends) sometimes it causes gaps. What are the best methods to make sure this doesn't happen? Cut just to the right of the marking gauge line and chisel the waste? Cut the shoulder at a deliberate slight...
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    Table saw advice

    Hi all, I am looking to get my first table saw. I've ruled out new saws as they are either too expensive or compromise on quality. There is a single phase startrite 275 in my local area. It looks to be complete but it missing the crown guard. What sort of price do you think would be fair for...
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    Car boot Hones

    Got both of these for 50p. Cleaned them off to she what was underneath. They look like pretty common stones. Anyone got any idea what they are? When flattening them they had a creamish swarth. They seem to be fairly fine
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    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with Toolpost before? I ordered some bits in November including a CBN wheel for my grinder. The other bits arrived promptly but the CBN wheel did not arrive as apparently it was out of stock. I was then told a shipment would be in a couple of...
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    Refinishing Bailey plane handles

    Does anyone know which shellac product would give a similar colour to the stanley beach handles? I've got some liberon shellac flakes but they seem to be far too light coloured for this application
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    Triton wetstone

    I purchased a triton westone for an old tormek as a replacement stone. I don't have experience with the supergrind stone, just the old natural stone on the 1970s models. Obviously the triton stone is a lot cheaper than a tormek replacement stone so hence my purchase. I don't quite get why its a...
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    Powering a "new" tormek

    Hi all, Was feeling very flush last week. Whipped by wallet out and bought a "tormek" at an auction last week. Only minor drawback is that t it appears to a retro drill powered antique. Looks similar to this one: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=st+25 ... aEVftxM%3A I don't have the...
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    Infill restoration help/advice

    Hi all, Haven't been to a car boot for a few years so decided to venture outside after realising how expensive second hand tools have become on eBay. To my surprise I spotted my first infill plane and instantly reached for a fiver. I probably couldn't have reached for it faster. On further...
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    Knife Grinding

    I got my brother a knife blank for christmas of ebay, as he's into bush craft and I thought it would make a nice present. However the knife is blunt (as it was imported from abroad) and there is far too much material to remove via hand Does anyone know of any service that would be able to grind...
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    Government work experience scheme for young people

    Read this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/ ... f-comments HHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmm, somehow I doubt work experience in Tesco is going to impress any employer. However I bet it looks good for Tesco's bank balance. They could have at least given them the choice of working in the same sector as...
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    Woodworking course in oxford??

    I am looking for a short course (1 or 2 evenings a week) in Oxford. Can anyone recommend one? I've found this (http://www.ocvc.ac.uk/Study%20with%20us ... 12011.aspx) but the summary is pretty vague and the course description is full of generic BS
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    Truth about A2 vs O1?

    There seem to be differing opinions of A2 vs O1 steel on the Internet. Some say that A2 does not get as sharp, but I am having problems noticing the difference. I've just sharpened my veritas A2 iron (in my college accommodation!). I've seemed to have lost my razor, and have developed a small...
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    Hardening and tempering

    I've decided I might make a go at making a O1 dovetail chisel during the Christmas break. Although not as skilled as our Derek, as long as it cuts I'll be happy. However I am unsure of the heating processes involved. As far as I understand one must harden and then temper (several times?) A...
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    Vintage plane woes

    Anyone have any tips to remove a rusted in screw that goes into the frog and tightens down on the lever cap? I have a replacement screw and I'd quite to have the frog intact as its one of those earlier flat bed ones. I should mention the screw head is badly mangled from previous attempts to make...
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    How to flatten coarse stones?

    I recently purchased one of these http://www.edenwebshops.co.uk/en/pt/-na ... rit-46.htm to grind my chisels and small plane blades, but I have been unable to flatten the stone using sandpaper and consequently I messed up a few blades that now need regrinding. It cuts reasonably fast (faster...
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    Vintage bevel edged chisels in the uk

    I know in the USA they have streams of decent vintage bevel edged chisel makers but are there any in the uk? I've also noticed that socketed chisels are alot more popular there as well When I say bevel edged chisels, I am not referring to beveled firmers but chisels with nearly zero sides. I've...
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    Somekind of vice?

    My dad has had this small vice in his garage forever- at least it seems like that. I've always thought that look like a rubbish vice but recently I've had the inkling that it might be a small saw vice of some type (looks a little small though to be any use) Its in pretty bad nick, but what...