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    Plastic puzzle

    Hi Folks I have an enquiry for 6 x 3 piece geometrical puzzle cut from plastic This is a material I don't work with if any one is interested Pm me and I will send you the information Regards Puzzler
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    Isle of Wight

    latest attempt A4 306 pieces
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    goathland jigsaw A4 311 pieces cut from 6mm ply with 2/0 hobbies blades
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    This is another print from the BBC country file 2012 calender 196 pieces cut with hobbies niqua 2/0 blades
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    The Rocket

    Hello My previous post about the Diamond Saw I cut this pattern a few years ago with the Diamond pierced work can be a bit labouring
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    pulling power

    jigsaw A4 with 295 pieces cut from 6mm birch ply using 2/0blade This is a print from the BBC 2012 country file calender
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    word art

    Letters cut from 6mm birch ply using no3 blade back is 6mm MDF spray painted
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    fish bowl

    This easy puzzle was cut from 20mm maple using no6 blade two coats acrylic paint from a book by Joanne Lockwood
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    doll house

    just finished this small house 6mm M D F for my 4year old granddaughter from a hobbies pattern
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    sth queensferry

    photo I took, cut from 6mm birch ply no 2/0 blade 256 pieces The weather has turned a bit nasty first lot of snow getting too cold to be in workshop won't be posting for a bit (don't all cheer at the same time) Regards Puzzler
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    Two patterns bj Judy Gale Roberts not sure what would look best ,keep them single or both in a frame together
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    miniature long case clock

    Made from a hobbies pattern, with 3mm ply stained, with backing 1.5mm ply spray varnished clock insert also from hobbies Regards Puzzler
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    another train

    Hi worked on this most of week Made from 12mm pine and 6mm ply bought the wheels, boiler was turned by friend the buffers were made with a 6mm dowel glued to 9mm dowel put in a drill and shaped with small drum sander in dremel. Primed white then two coats of enamel paint
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    Hi It is getting near that time. I am sure you will all be thinking if only this guy was for real Cut from 20mm maple two coats acryillic paint. To prevent a choking hazard the toys in the sack are painted on Regards puzzler
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    new jigsaw

    this is a calender print 10"x10" 322 pieces on 6mm birch ply
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    pattern request

    To those who wanted the pattern for the train shown in long standing project. sorry but I only had one magazine and it has been sent out. The author Ivor Carlyle has a book published with the train in it "Scroll Toy Patterns" publisher G M C publications hope this helps. Regards Puzzler
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    jigsaw puzzle

    Hi this is a photo I took on one of the few sunny days we had. A4 size on 6mm birch ply 211 pieces
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    Hi this tree with it's negative spaces makes a good challenge cut from 20mm hard maple.no3 blade
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    long running project

    Hi I started this in 1998 it is from the now defunct british scrollsaw magazine from a pattern by Ivor Carlyle. I put it aside for some reason which I cannot think of. Moving house and other family related things it got forgotten By chance clearing out some boxes I found it half completed now...
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    fretwork train

    Hi I cut this last winter, As it was too cold in the workshop I moved into our rear sun porch to work cut from 6mm birch ply with ply backing spray painted mat black, cut with no 3 blade puzzler