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    Link Belt for Union Graduate?

    Hi all - related to my other question, I was looking into the possibility of trying a link belt on my graduate. Has anyone used a modern link belt on one? The spindle bearings seem fine so I don't want to disturb them, but the belt hasn't been used for quite some time so it has obviously...
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    Union Graduate drive belt & turnbuckle queries

    I recently bought a Union Graduate longbed that used to belong to Ray Key no less (thanks Paul Hannaby) and it's almost fully installed now. I've a couple of niggles to fix before I fully enjoy the machine: When I first set it up there was quite a bit of vibration through the motor plate. I...
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    Lathe 'upgrade'/Union Graduate questions

    Hey Chaps - I'm looking to upgrade from my current setup - a Record CL3 (new version). I've been fairly happy with the CL3 but wanted to upgrade to variable speed and whilst I was doing that, upgrade to something with more mass (the Record stand is laughable and not fit for purpose). So I've...
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    Russian(?) turning tools

    This dropped into my inbox today - not sure if any of you have seen it. This guy uses an odd, brutal looking skew and a hook tool for hollowing. He's obviously got some skills though! https://youtu.be/HWkelCFUAfw
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    Record CL3 - new or new old stock?

    Sorry, more questions! After losing faith in my new Axminster lathe, which is going back tomorrow, I was thinking of replacing it with a Record CL3. But I wondered on your opinions on whether the new CL3 is better than the old? There are some interesting spec changes on the new one, and I don't...
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    New Lathe - acceptable run-out?

    Hi all, After phil.p introduced me to the top of the very slippery slope that is electrical woodturning ;) - I come from a pole-lathe background - I moved to the dark side and bought myself a lathe and extension bed from Axminster a week and a bit ago, It's a midi 1218VS. I've already been on...
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    Miller's Falls breast drill - missing side handle

    Hello chaps, I haven't really dipped my toes in these waters for a year or so and imagine my surprise to find no multi page sharpening thread on the go :wink: Anyway, I've come into possession of a decent condition Miller's Falls breast drill - one of those with the built in level, but...
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    Hand plane book - Hack vs Schwarz?

    I was planning on getting a book on hand planes, and wondered if there were any views on here one way or another for the two main alternatives I've seen so far: The Handplane Book, Garrett Hack; Handplane essentials, Christopher Schwarz. Both have good reviews on Amazon and I do rather like...
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    WoodRiver 5½ vs Clifton 5 - a comparison

    I recently took part in the WoodRiver 5½ plane passaround which Peter kindly organised and I thought there might be some interest in my experience - so I thought I'd post my findings here. As I've said elsewhere, I became interested in the WoodRiver planes after watching one of the Rob Cosman...
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    WH hand-stitched rasps

    I'm looking to get a hand-stitched cabinet makers rasp and I wondered if anyone on here had any experience with Mathew's Workshop Heaven continental hand-stitched rasps? I certainly can't afford the Auriou rasps and Mathew's rasps are well priced relative to the Liogier option - so how do they...
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    Sharpening wooden rebate plane

    I just bought an old brass soled rebate plane off eBay and as its my first I just wanted to double check grinding angles before I refurbish the edge. Do these follow the normal(ish) convention of a main bevel at 30° with a 25° secondary? Or are they treated any differently?
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    WS No 4 cap iron - advice

    I was hoping that there might be a few people on here who own a similar WS No 4 (or 5 as they'll likely be the same) to the one I bought on ebay last month. I've had a few issues with getting it fettled as it seems a bit temperamental and I was wondering whether the cap iron on mine was the...
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    Best car boot sales/wood yards in Cornwall or W. Devon?

    Hi all, I've not long ago moved down to Cornwall and I wondered if anyone on here could recommend the best car boot sales in my area (near Liskeard) for hand tool searching (and old furniture perhaps), and a decent wood yard or two as I've no idea and I figured a recommend on here would likely...
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    How flat does the glass need to be for scary sharp?

    Hello all, this is my first post - so be gentle ;) I have lurked on here for a few weeks and have been really impressed by the content and advice, and general banter. Having recently started a re-skilling of my oldish bones (I'm 42) into furniture making I've found the info on here invaluable...