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    Not Lanemaux

    As of February 4th, just after noon, my father aka Lanemaux passed on. I'm sorry I'm only now updating you all it's just been a draining few days and I've only now worked up the energy to write this out. My mother and myself were able to get into the hospital to be there in his last moments, he...
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    Not Lanemaux

    Thank you all for replying, with the c-19 business as it is right now in canada, it seems like it may take a few days before we can proceed due to supplies needed to be brought in. So for now he's stuck in the hospital and very unhappy. My hopes when making this post was to sorta vent and to...
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    Not Lanemaux

    I'm sorry for the confusing title for the post but I honestly couldn't think of anything better at this moment. This is lanemaux's son typing this out now as I have some unpleasant news in regard's to my father's health. For context for those who may not know, but my father has been fighting...
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    TV licence requirements

    As an unrepentant Whovy (Dr. who fan) , I agree with the above. I also do not blame the actors . Writing is key to good television as is the shows direction as provided by the show runner. The direction we have been heading here is well expressed by a stock bit from the Animainiacs cartoon of...
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    My new Lotus

    That is just gorgeous mi amigo. Just imagine being the lucky lad or lass who was gifted that beauty. When similarly dressed cars were tearing up the track , I would have to buy racing magazines just to drool over them. Kudos on the sharpest toy on the block =D> =D> =D> .
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    TV licence requirements

    In Canada we have not got a " TV licence" ,but , since watching at set times is a hassle I use a site on the internet called Couchtuner. They offer on demand of a huge number of broadcast programs and keep previous episodes for full seasons, some back to their inception. Just google to find it ...
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    What are they and what are they used for

    Agree with toonie. I had one just like that when I was young. The catcher prevents ricochets and mess when practising in say a garage.
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    a little knowledge I didn't think I'd ever need ...

    Bravo mi amigo, full marks from the Canuckian judge. So glad you had the presence of mind to act and the ability from your chair at that =D> =D> =D> =D> , KUDOS.
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    My mate Billy

    He looks like a real winner Phil. I still miss my pair and it's been nearly 6 yrs. since the last one passed. Jenny and Jessy were 2 yrs. apart in age and looked every bit like a matched set. That was even though they were not related and Jen was half dobie. For 6 Years we lived adjacent to a...
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    Multi-Tools (Leatherman)

    I picked up a very marginal Fuller tools multi-tool some years ago and have had no reason to fault it. it is a pure POS as a tool , really it is. BUT it has done great service on numerous occasions. It sits in my pocket and just keeps helping out. A quality version is probably an even better...
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    New Hare Intarsia

    Welcome back Claymore. Great to see your intarsia once more , 'twas missed mi amigo. If you don't mind , I'll just lift the general lines of this one (as I can't hope to duplicate to nearly your standard). I'll simplify it and pass it on to my buddy Linda , who loves happy little bunnies...
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    Wood That Only BU Plane Can Deal With

    Coming in from far left field as per usual , what angle are you sharpening to? I once borrowed a buddies plane and found that he had sharpened it at an angle that was visually identical to it's bedding angle, as in flat to the work surface . When it was placed to wood finely set ,well, it just...
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    Scrub plane for trueing stock

    Yes Smalmaleki ,8 mm would be a lot of hard work , and across the grain as well. I just approach it differently. I use the #5 with strokes with the grain , but skewed to the direction of thrusting with the grain. I just plane the "horns" of the cup and use the length of the toe of the 5 to give...
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    Scrub plane for trueing stock

    My own view is that as long as it is roughly board-shaped one of my many #5's will do the job. While not as aggressive as a dedicated scrub , they have the advantage of ... not being as aggressive as a scrub. Scrubs can yank a fair swath of wood with a pass. If you are anywhere near as clutsy...
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    Etching on old saw driving me nuts

    Said it before , if I go missing, call Andy first please.
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    YouTube fun & games

    Just to be clear Amigo, I am Canuckian and also work with MDF. But not on your level as a craftsman , you should see some of the carp I whack together. As far back as I can remember I got no Korean in me. Could be wrong though , some of my family were right pistols. :wink:
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    xmas presents for youngsters

    Me as well amigo. But if you check out the woodwrights shop video archive for bookstands , and watch him do it , he makes it fairly clear. I believe it is called the Roubo book stand. Besides , any excuse to watch Roy is worth a punt. He also did a show on archaic toys.
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    xmas presents for youngsters

    In the category of tablet stands , perhaps St. Roy's single piece of wood butterflied book stand might be a thought. It is made to the same principle as wooden pliers from a single plank. The hinging is cut in with chisels or a sharp knife , halfway through from each side at forty-five degrees...
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    My recent injuries.

    I feel your pain amigo Col , I really do. Some of my cancer meds cause fairly rapid Osteo problems and have in fact turned me into a rather fragile glass skeletoned sculpture. Last fall , my wife bought a second hand T-shirt press (for putting funny sayings on the shirts). I went to place it...
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    What am i doing wrong

    Have you any sort of hold- down device on your saw? I have about the bare minimum of scrollsaw that you could get from a manufacturer , and it came with a plastic hold down in the rough shape of a tiny telephone booth in clear plastic. It is attached to the stationary cover for the upper arm. I...