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  1. Richard Berry

    GDR 600 hatchet

    Here she is, all cleaned up, re-hung and sharpened. The oak I used for the handle has a bit of runout, but since it's not a felling axe it should be fine. I've not had a chance to use it yet so I have no idea about the edge retention, but I do like the balance. I've sharpened it, not razor...
  2. Richard Berry

    Kity K5 Manual

    I did a quick internet search and found a few sites offering it as a download.
  3. Richard Berry

    Has anyone got a manual for a kity k5.

    I did a quick internet search and found a few sites offering it as a download.
  4. Richard Berry

    KARL HOLTEY on Benchtalk101

    Unfortunately I'll miss this due to work commitments. 😔
  5. Richard Berry

    Old water stone, pedal drive.

    That is a beautiful job. I want one too.
  6. Richard Berry

    New tools?

    I must have been a very good boy. Santa brought me a brand new wood turning lathe. 🙂
  7. Richard Berry

    GDR 600 hatchet

    A friend gave me this little hatchet as a thank you gift for some work I did for him. He's had it lying around for a while with the intention to do something to restore it. I placed it in a derusting bath for 48 hours and revealed a stamp. A bit of internet research later and I've...
  8. Richard Berry

    Is this cross grain?

    Yes, another name for it is ray fleck and is a good indication that the boards are quarter sawn.
  9. Richard Berry

    Wooden screw threads.

    I could imagine a book case or shelving unit where the adjustable shelves are held up by wooden bolts through the sides of the carcass. That would be such a cool item in a boy’s bedroom or in a bar/man cave.
  10. Richard Berry

    Wooden screw threads.

    Wow! Amazing! Really tight tolerances there. The low speed smoothness is also impressive.
  11. Richard Berry

    Jan 14 Benchtalk101

    Don't be fooled. Last night's benchtalk was still going at 3 am. :sneaky:
  12. Richard Berry


    Welcome aboard. I'm new here myself and have found this to be a good forum for great information and advice.
  13. Richard Berry

    Jim Schofield - pandemic project

    This story is quite inspirational.
  14. Richard Berry

    Another new guy...

    That's impressive! Your first post and you write an entire autobiography. 😁
  15. Richard Berry

    Waterproof wooden shelf for shower cubicle

    A quick search on Amazon got me this. Total Boat seems to be the holy grail in boat building circles, there may be competition worth checking out. I haven't done any research.
  16. Richard Berry

    Waterproof wooden shelf for shower cubicle

    I wasn't thinking of pouring epoxy, but giving it several protective, thin coats.
  17. Richard Berry

    Waterproof wooden shelf for shower cubicle

    I don't have any personal experience, but have been following a number of boat building on YouTube. The wood species I see most commonly used are purple heart, cedar and white oak. Then a marine varnish such as Total Boat should be good enough. At least UV damage wouldn't be a factor in a...
  18. Richard Berry

    Temperature & glue-ups

    Yes, the shelf/coat rack I made for my daughter for Christmas required a couple of hours in our spare bedroom to get the glue to set. Perhaps those tricky glue ups that are a race against time before the glue starts going off are better suited to the winter months.
  19. Richard Berry

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Well done with the creative way you used a piece that was essentially firewood.
  20. Richard Berry

    Barbie's Woodshop

    I think that the posters, pamphlets, instruction manuals and catalogues were what appealed to me most at first. I have the same Lee Valley catalogue and I do enjoy a bit of Parks and Recreation. The reference to the toilet paper hoarding at the start of the pandemic was also very clever.