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  1. GazPal

    Doing DaVinci

    Possibly with far too much time on my hands while laid up, I often kill time watching t.v. and recently tripped over a show on Discovery Turbo (Early weekday mornings) called "Discovering Da Vinci" in which a team of "experts" attempt to build machines/inventions taken from Leonardo DaVinci's...
  2. GazPal

    Size isn't everything!!

    It depends on how you use it and what you're using it on. Before anyone gets the hump with the above opening lines, the primary topic is try/jointing planes and the scale of work on which you use them. Which set of criteria determines the size of handplane YOU work with? Options open to us...
  3. GazPal

    Plane Iron Availability

    Hellooooo, My son recently picked up a couple of Stanley's newer Sweetheart bench planes and I'd like to buy him a couple of spare irons for them as part of his xmas box. The planes in question are Stanley's Premium Bench Plane #4 and their newer #62 jack plane and I'm stumped (In spite of...
  4. GazPal

    Sharpening Media - Oil, Water, Diamond or Abrasive Paper?

    Hi Folks, My own experience stems from a solid grounding in the use of oil stones (Natural and man made) and finally settled upon the use of diamond sharpening plates, with finish whetting on Black Arkansas and leather strop. My son (Now apprenticed) is one year into his journey as a trainee...
  5. GazPal

    Bench Vise/Vice Choices

    Simply wondering what others currently use or plan to use as their preferred face vise. My own preference are Record 52.1/2 and 53 quick release cast bodied vise due to mass and clamping range.
  6. GazPal

    Collector, User or Both?

    Plain old curiosity and recent discussions triggered the idea that many of us possibly fall into one of three main categories, so I thought I'd post a poll in the hope of sharing views.
  7. GazPal

    Advice needed regarding Record Hand Plane re-finishing

    In order to avoid the risk of de-railing an extremely positive thread concerning a nicely re-furbished Stanley 5,1/2 I thought it best to begin my own thread. Since retirement and in spite of taking good care of my tools, I feel my Record hand planes (Mostly pre mid 1950's and some pre-war) are...
  8. GazPal

    Slater Infill Shoulder Plane info needed

    Hi, I've just been rumaging through a couple of the family's old workshop tool chests and uncovered a pretty robust but nicely formed 1.5" wide x 7.75" long cast iron and rosewood infilled shoulder plane by a maker named H Slater, Meredith St, Clerkenwell, London (Stamped into the heel and...