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    Planer Jointer Knife blade Setter Jig Gauge

    Im in need of one- finally got around to doing a change over, and fancy using these instead of two sticks and a pencil. The tables arent magnetic and most of these gauges feet are, but i dont think its going to be that much of an issue, and i can always maybe use some double sided tape. So...

    Replacing saw bench with bandsaw

    I've often though that the saw bench was a must, and even suggested on some threads that was the case, but now im thinking maybe not the case. I've an Ax saw, the TS250 and after having it about 5 years only recently fitted the sliding table, just basically for one job. The saw itself has a...

    You know when you spot something on ebay, listed wrongly and think you're on to a winner.

    Seems you're not alone :cry: Listed as a rebate plane Unusual plane, thought I'd seen it before but couldnt place it, then realized it was a tongue and groove plane. Do I need one ? Nope, but you know..... :LOL: Watched, slipped on small bid. waited...waited. poised to chuck a larger bid in at...

    Old Planes

    Do you not find it a bit depressing, the sate of old hand planes I mean. I'm currently cleaning up a Record No 078 rebate plane and its the state of it got me to thinking about its previous owner, who must have bought it, and spent time flattening the back of the blade, and fettling it for use...

    Veritas mini tools

    I was looking at the veritas range of miniture tools again, wondering if there was anything in that range that would actually be of use, and not just a novelty gimmick. So has anyone bought any of them would likely to give a review, lend an opinion ?. I thought their mini chisels, which are...

    Cheap spray mount

    Anyone got a maker that isnt based on some heavy duty carpet/contact adhesive ?. I'm needing to stick some templates down for marking and cutting/sanding back, but i'd like to be able to peel it off afterwards, but not too light where its going to move. I dont think pva is going to be an...

    Cheap digital, or quality dial ?

    Im talking calipers. The eyes arent as good these days and i find myself relying on a cheapo digital caliper, that as just after several years stopped functioning. So im in need of a replacement. Would i be better getting a reasonable quality dial caliper, or sticking to the cheap and cheerful...

    Lovely multi drawer pallet wood project popped up on my YT recommended

    Very nice, it's turned out well, and looks really handy :D Quite inspirational too, I'm sure most of us have related stuff everywhere but together.

    Show off your...Belt sander jigs

    For using the sander on its side. I'll not show you mine as it's a joke, with zero though put into it. I needed to make something quickly, and just clamped it to a board, with a slightly raised 2nd board to use as a table and get the middle of the belt. But im needing to finally make something...
  10. TRITON

    Origin of a word - Spelch

    Does anyone who where this term originally came from ? It's such an unusual name for anything.
  11. TRITON


    Anyone else like the online world of shooting cartoon people with a cartoon gun ?. I've been doing this since time began and I still cant hit the broad side of a barn :LOL: Currently its Planetside 2, and prior it was Arma3, and the battlefield series. I spent years on BF2, probably longer...
  12. TRITON

    Typical Typical Typical

    I've loads of sanding of hardwood to do, and ordered in a pile of 120g discs, and ive a pile of 180g festool discs ready for the next step, and on starting the damn pad has come off the sander :LOL: :LOL: which is bloody typical. Festool ets125mm eq, so a replacement will be about 50 quid...
  13. TRITON

    Utility blades in place of cabinet scrapers

    Have to admit im pants at sharpening these things- cabinet scrapers, I just couldnt get the hang of it, and when i eventually did manage, it doesnt last long enough before im in the land of frustration again. So I've been using cheap utility knife blades, which although they dont have a burr...
  14. TRITON

    Project - Powerfeeders. Project for someone else that is...

    I'm doing a bit of work on the router table last night, and am using diy featherboards, but those arent the best and what I really need is a small powerfeeder. As we all know, a powerfeeder does what the title implies and feeds stock through a saw, moulder or surfacer, applying downward...
  15. TRITON

    Featherboards - Who favours what ?.

    More spindle work on the go and im using self made featherboards, which is probably down to me not getting round to actually buying the premade variety, but I'm thinking about it. So to help me decide whats best I thought I'd ask you lot. :D
  16. TRITON

    Show us yer .... Bird-feeders

    My sister has asked me to make her for the garden a birdfeeder, that likely the squirrels will steal from, but hey, who are we to decide who eats. I've some 6mm thick panels of quartered oak,( found in skip from old door) 4 of them, so enough to make something reasonable and quite robust for...
  17. TRITON

    Universal combination machines - Identification needed.

    Was looking at these...again, and I had a sudden memory of a miniature combination machine that I think came out in the 80's at some time. Wasn't completely tiny, I think about 2'x18"x10" kind of size Might have been white with green decals. Anyone hanker over a small woodworking machine, you...
  18. TRITON

    Hermes sanding belts

    Anyone opted to turn their sander into a sharpening system like ...the axminster one, which starts at a ridiculous £400 Ive a couple of makita sanders, and thought if i did that I could use one of them and a shop made jig, along with a hermes belt,which go up to 1200grit(probably higher), which...
  19. TRITON

    Hexagonal columns - whats best on the ends

    Doing a pair of hexagonal columns as part of my mantelpiece. Last time they were round, and it was easier to turn the central section, then turn two discs to cap it off top and bottom. As this time its hexagonal, would I be better sticking to round, or should I make these 'caps' also hex ...
  20. TRITON

    Axminster price increasing

    Was just following a link to an extractor on the Axminster site and had a look at their table saws. Most as per appear out of stock, but they do have the latest incarnation of the 'hobby' 216mm saw and including sliding table we're now looking at nearly £750 Previously the saw was £630, and...