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    Has anyone mastered the Hovel pencil plane?

    Now I’d seen these advertised and thought “they look nice, but there’s no way I’m shelling out that much for a pencil sharpener!”. Then, Xmas morning, my wife presents me with one! So excitedly, I read instructions and start using it only to find I keep breaking the pencil lead. I thought I...
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    Fitting electric cooker query

    Hi, we are looking to replace our ceramic hob range cooker with one that has an induction hob. Does anyone know if the wiring (to the fuse box) that’s worked fine for the ceramic would be adequate for the induction? Thanks.
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    What sheet material for a 7m2 carport roof?

    Hi, I need to replace part of a carport roof due to water ingress through mineral felt. There are 8x4 sheets of some ply type material currently, What suggestions for reasonable quality and cost would you suggest, I’ll be refelting too. Thanks Mike.
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    New shed / workshop purchase advice

    Hi, I’m shortly moving from Hampshire to Cornwall and will need a new shed / workshop. Unfortunately due to disability I am unable to build my own, I previously had a 12’ x12’ and am looking to get a 20’x12’ this time, does anyone have any recommendations for suppliers down that way esp. any...
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    Axminster holdfast query

    Can anyone tell me the size of the Axminster holdfast?, is it the same size (diameter) as the Record 145 or 146... Or different altogether? Thanks, Mike
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    Screw and nicker missing on Record 778

    Hi, I have a Record 778 rebate plane that is missing the nicker and screw, does anyone have a spare for sale or know where I can find one? Thanks, Mike
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    Axminster m900 faceplate issue

    Hi, iIm new to turning and have encountered an early problem. I bought a 2nd hand m900 lathe that works fine and invested in a Supernova chuck which is also great. I recently bought a 4" faceplate that screwed nicely onto the headstock , only thing is that anything more than about 6 " knocks...
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    Scarfing in some Ash

    Hello UKWrs, Im after a bit of advice... I need to replace part of the nearside waistrail on my Morris Traveller this summer, I need to cut out the rot and scarf in a new piece of ash. Im a bit concernened about getting an exact fit - here is the offending article: The actual rot is at the...
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    "Free" Woodworking Magazines

    Hello to all of you woodworky folks, I have around 100 woodwork mags, (Practical WW'ing / Traditional WW'ing / Furniture and Cabinetmaking etc etc) from around 2004 / 5 which are all surplus to requirments and need to go. Theyre all in pretty good nick (although I think a few - and that is a...
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    Car restoration advice sought...

    Hi - Ive not been around for a while - been a bit busy with the day job and parenting... Anyhow, Ive got myself a new car and need some advice on a restoration problem. And before you think "What is this post doing here - we not a motor vehicle forum :? " Well my new car is a 1967 Morris Minor...
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    Supplier of straight grained Ash sought - S W Hampshire area

    Hi, Im (very very very :D :D :D ) pleased to say that Ive just bought a 1967 Morris Traveller. The wood frame is rotten in a couple of places and I will need to scarf in some new timber. Does anyone have any details of a timber merchant who can supply well seasoned straight graned ash?. I...
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    Anyone had experience of varifocal glasses?

    Ive been wearing glasses for nearly 40 years and have just had to change from "ordinary" lenses to varifocals. Im really struggling with the change, Ive heard it takes about 4 weeks to adjust but has anyone here had either good or bad experiences with them?. Regards DMM ( :wink: )
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    Observations on Norm....

    Having been off work after an operation, Ive been watching some NYW progs on the TV. These are quite entertaining and show his very able use of all tools electrical but Ive noticed a few things which set me wondering... Ive only ever seen him work alone on the NYW progs, why does he then use...
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    How do I back up info on my PC - inc Music?

    Happy New Year to all UKW'rs...not much time for WWing these days thanks to child care duties - hence no posting but Im still a regular "lurker". A non WW query.... I have quite a lot of info on my PC (mainly music - over 3000 tracks) which I am now concerned about backing up in case the PC...
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    Outing to Salisbury

    Mrs MMD suggested yesterday we have a shopping foray into Salisbury... I thought "mmm - Pennyfarthing Tools..!" said "Yup - what a good idea". We got there, poodled round the shops, I nonchalantly suggested we go down Pennyfarthing St as I'd heard thatere was a goos tool shop there, "OK" says...
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    Hello...still lurking around...

    ...but no time these days for WW'ing or Rhyming...:-( Still the baby's doing great! Regards, MMD.
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    U R G E N T - Changing an oiled finish on ash...

    Sorry about the dramatic subject line ( ie U R G E N T ) .... but I need a quick response to a query. Im in the process of getting a replacement Morris Traveller and have seen one which has had the ash frame either stained or oiled (not vanished) which has left it with a distinctly orangey hue...
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    Temporary alternative to woodworking

    As I dont seem to have any chance of getting down the shed to do any ww'ing these days what with baby minding / day job / household chores and the like, Ive discovered a temporary alternative. Vegetable preparation.... It may sound daft but daily sharpening my old carbon steel sabatier knife...
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    Axminster's OK...

    Another birthday occurred last week (yup its the 1st of the 4th - and Ive heard all of the jokes...) and my mum, my in laws and an aunt sent some money (inside b'day cards with footballers on ...and Im now 48 - whats going on ??) so I thought its now time to combine this with the Axminster...
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    Arboreal Rhapsody

    Its probably no co-incidence that since Holly was born on 21/12 that Ive not been able to sneak off down the shed. It's also a factor that in the early hours of the morning when youre on "feeding duty" youre thinking of different songs to sing to calm the crying baby. Well the other evening I...