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    Personal Challenge - and a bit of fun.

    I thought it was about time I gave up smoking but as a bit of an incentive decided to put a few £'s away each week and treat myself somewhere down the line. Rather than buy a moneybox I thought I'd make one and have a bit of fun in the workshop. This is 12" x 1 3/4", turned in two parts just...
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    Second Attempt at Something Different

    I thought I'd show this one as it's something a bit different for me, I bought a wine cooler for a friend as a Christmas Gift but when it arrived another friend thought it would be great if I could encase it in wood (first mistake). What a great idea says I foolishly and set off to find a bit of...
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    Nova 1624-44 Pulley Allignment Problem

    i'm hoping someone will be able to assist with a problem I have with my 1624. The pulleys are slightly out of alignment and the manual says just loosen the grub screw and move the motor pulley. No problem says I, I have loosened the grub screw and unfortunately it promptly came all the way out...
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    Mark Sanger Inspired Box

    Rummaging through an old copy of a magazine I came across a Mark Sanger Oriental Style box and thought I'd have a go at something similar. It started as a 4x4 piece of Sycamore, it was turned, sanded to 240 and then attacked with a small dremmel bit to create the texture. I then scorched it and...
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    Drill Bit Sizes - Pen Turning

    I've just ordered some more upmarket Pen Kits as I need to make a few leaving gifts for work and noticed the drill bit sizes are all in imperial. I've got a mountain of Metric bits but no imperial sizes and was wondering if the sizes are absolutely critical (if so I'll order some) or is the...
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    An Apple a Day..........

    Hi all, Managed to get a bit of time in the workshop over the weekend and after finishing a job for a friend a work and fitting a new fluorescent light above the lathe I thought I'd see what I could make out of a piece of Apple I've had laying around for a while. The bowl is...
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    First Pictures

    I thought that as I've entered this years challenge I'd better make sure I could load some photo's as I don't want a mad panic at the end of the month. Anyway here are two of my recent attempts, the first one is a small hollow form made from sycamore, as it was plain I experimented with a green...