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    My new push sticks. If you’re using a table saw you need these!

    It's not really a requirement on cross cutting, there its the fence and its placement in relation to the gullets of the teeth. In rip it stops the kerf closing up as tensions are released on the timber, which can make it move,twist or close together. If the timber closes together on the back of...

    Dowel Plate

    I've got a drill bit measuring plate, has every increment in imperial from 1/16" to 1/2" a total of 29 sizes. But its a steel plate some 6 or so mm thick and i use that. Just shape it roughly and bash them through . An ebay bargain :D

    Strange dreams

    Have you had the murdered someone and trying to store the body under the floorboards ?. Had that a couple of times. Getting seriously nervous but thinking I'd gotten away with it. Going over steps of clues i might have left. Very bizarre. Incidentally did you know that marijuana cuts off dreams...

    Another Joke


    More garbage from China

    We had a big laser cutter from China, which was about £4k as opposed to £12K and when it came in the damn thing didnt work. Thankfully we also had a maker whose previous profession was in electronics and computers(cisco) and he took it mostly to bits, rewired sections, replaced some of the...

    My new push sticks. If you’re using a table saw you need these!

    :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Very good. Actually after a while it could serve very well as a reminder as to what can happen if you dont use them. Good choice of colour, what is that Arterial red ?:LOL:

    Just use the blade guard!

    Sorry but it is an accident, because it WASN'T DELIBERATE. He didnt stuff his fingers into the blade deliberately did he ?. He didn't say to himself, 'You know what, I reckon today ill shove my hand into this whirling blade, just to see what happens' . Ergo it was an accident. And its not...

    Few questions on a shed/workshop build

    Think of the weight youre putting on it, the roof, the internal timbers, the stuff youre going to hang on the walls. Last thing you want to do is for a wall to buckle. I'd even consider putting the uprights closer together, really beef it up. You'll only get the one chance to do this.

    Retirement options

    Yacht/Mediterranean. Bread and fish and hot sunny days.
  10. TRITON

    Just use the blade guard!

    :LOL: :LOL: the cat amongst the pigeons. I'll wager everyone's got a sled, EVEN Tiddles, who as we speak is rushing to fit a guard so he can post a pic :ROFLMAO::p Psst, your perspex sheeting is stored next to your plywood 😉 Sigh....no it won't. and ill even wager that a fair number of...
  11. TRITON

    Planer Jointer Knife blade Setter Jig Gauge

    Nope, same thing, got you. Just not used these so unsure of their operation, but ive watched a setting vid so got it now.
  12. TRITON

    Just use the blade guard!

    "A rip fence or a cross-cut fence should be used to give adequate workpiece support during cutting (see Figure 2(a)). To prevent kickback, the front of the fence must be set no further than the base of the saw blade gullet at table level" Many small or cheap saw tables have fences that are the...
  13. TRITON

    What's the most stupid thing you've done in woodworking?

    Came into contact with a router blade that was slowing down. Made the cut, then placed the router on the bench with the cutter facing to the side. Without looking went to reach for it again and tried to lift it from the wrong end. Cutter was slowing, but i got about 15 closely spaced cuts along...
  14. TRITON

    Looking for inspiration for your next project?

    I love that table. Always wanted to make one due to the complex nature of it, but im always reminded of this.....
  15. TRITON

    Just use the blade guard!

    I hate those wee push things as above. Remember 450mm as a minimum. thats putting your entire fist into the danger zone.
  16. TRITON

    Triton TRB001 rack and pinion lock

  17. TRITON

    Triton TRB001 rack and pinion lock

    It's the orange bit in the middle, push and turn. goes between rack or spring plunge. And if its in the table, removing the spring is the best thing to do. But fitted in the table you need it on rack because if you dont and release the locking spring, it will just drop down. Unless of course...
  18. TRITON

    Planer Jointer Knife blade Setter Jig Gauge

    Im in need of one- finally got around to doing a change over, and fancy using these instead of two sticks and a pencil. The tables arent magnetic and most of these gauges feet are, but i dont think its going to be that much of an issue, and i can always maybe use some double sided tape. So...
  19. TRITON

    Just use the blade guard!

    Apparently not for some it would appear. Apparently having a guard on means you can never have an accident ;) yeah, though the moulder is a different beast entirely. its more prone to big kickbacks. Experienced as I am, still doing curved work on it scares the bejesus out of me. I'm like a...
  20. TRITON

    My new push sticks. If you’re using a table saw you need these!

    Nothing quite like a snapping blade :LOL: even if its rattling away and you know its about to go, that sudden bang really gives the old ticker a jolt.