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    Online tooling shop

    Hi Guys Im not sure if Im allowed to post this on here so I apologise in advance if I'm breaking the forum rules. I just wanted to announce our new online tooling shop at http://www.tjwoodms.co.uk/ourshop/ At the moment there are roughly 1800 items online with a further 13000 is to add over...
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    Hi Chaps I need a little help please if possible. I was called out today to look at a non running old single phase sedgwick morticer a 571 i think circa 1985. Diagosis was no problem she is suffering from a failed capacitor my problem is there were no makings on the capacitor fitted so i dont...
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    Dominion Combi

    Hi all i have been contacted today by a chap who is looking to offload an old dominion combi 16" Im not sure if its single or 3 phase and the chap dsont know if it runs It looks pretty rough and its not been used in a long time but appearances can be deceptive Its of no interest to me as it...
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    It's fair to say I'm not a fan of felder machinery but I have to give credit where it's due Yesterday I was at a customers fitting a new control card to one of their spindles. This should have been a simple job but when I opened the box I found that they had changed the board and terminals...
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    felder hammer combi

    Anyone interested in a felder hammer combi one of my customers has one for sale due to upgrades. the machine is in good nick and i believe about 4 yrs old located in tavistock devon. he is looking for around £2500 i do have afew photos but for some reason im unable to upload them