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    Has anyone used red Grandis ,it is sold by Timbmet and I am thinking about it for our front door which is West facing.
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    Has anyone used Red Grandis, I have a front door to make that is west facing.
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    planer thicknesser

    I have been pondering over changing my planer thicknesser, I have a felder 731 purchased new in 2003 with a four knife block, as I am semi retired I am looking to uprate to a new machine with the spiral block and I think I have narrowed it down to a hammer a3 or a4 or push the boat out to the...
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    wax oil

    Hi. For many years i have been using sanding sealer (2 coats) and a wax finish , I have now started to use wax oil , is it o.k. to clean off this kind of finish and wax oil over the top.
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    felder cutterblock

    I am looking to see if anyone has come across a shelix cutterblock fitted to a felder planer, as there is one on ebay at the moment. Clive.