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    Using a traditional Ring Tool

    Hello friendly sawdust makers, I have recently been given a traditional style ring tool but I don't really know how to go about using it. I am not a novice so could probably "suck it and see" but I thought I'd ask for advice for beat practice as this tool is completely new to me. All advice...
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    Finding Timber Near Malmesbury

    Hi chaps, Ive had a look through the archives but cant quite find what im after... I'm looking for timber/woodturning suplies near malmesbury, North Wiltshire/South Gloucestershire. I'm not after bowl blanks, although that would be nice, more a gereral timber stockists where i can find bits...
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    What finish for Spalted Beech box?

    Hi chaps, After many months since my last one I had a go at turning a box tonight and while i think it went quite well I don't really know how to finish it to get the best results. I know some of you turn this sort of thing all the time so thought i'd ask your advice. As it will be handled...
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    Black Bowls, cheers Woody.

    Inspired by WoodyTurner's wire wool and vinegar post I went out and had a go myself. This technique is amazing and I am pretty sure I'm going to make a whole black series of things now, cheers Woody :)
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    Pen turning kit.

    Hey chaps and chapesses, I'm finding the time to do a bit more turning theas days and want to try my hand at pen turning. So very simple, can one of you kind people recomend a good kit. Somthing that will have all I need to drill, mount, turn and construct a pen. Cheeeeeeeers, P.s. If any...
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    Button Jaws.

    I want some of the smaler ones to fit axminster's Super Precision Chuck but they have been out of stock on Axi's website for months. I was going to make my own from ally but but the presision cutting required is beond the shoddy metal bandsaw i have access to. Anybody got a cunning plan? So...
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    Turning Camphor wood

    A long while ago I got a Camphor bowl blank and today I thought I'd have a go with it. I have experienced a few problems with it though. I seem to be gettin an ok finish with a scraper hut as soon as I touch it with sand paper the surface turns a dull colour and seems to get a lot of torn grain...
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    Sharpening tools using a grinder.

    I have turned for a few years now and have used a grinder to sharpen my tools, as im sure the rest of you do also. But recently i have been chatting to various people (non turners) about woodturning and many have been astounded that i sharpen tools with a bench style grinder. They tell me that i...
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    Cleaning Jaws, whats best?

    Can anybody tell me the best way to clean jaws. I have some internal and external sets that are jamming a bit due to some quite sticky gunk that im guessing is residue from different finishes. Im thinking i could use paint thinners to disolve it but want to know if this is a good idea and what...
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    Darn you axminster, I want a presicion chuck!!!

    Ok, so as it seems that I wont be able to get an Axminster precision chuck I need to choose another heavy duty chuck. The choices seem to be Versa Chuck or Patriot? Are there any other options i should be considering? I quite like the patriot but the jaws cost quite a bit more than the...
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    Axminster AWVSL1000 - OR- CL3 Record Power?

    So i decided to buy a lathe, the AWVSL1000, almost got round to putting the order in but went on holiday instead. Now i have the money again and cant decide wether or not my first choice was right? SO the awvsl1000 or the CL3???
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    Is a cheap grinder a false economy?

    For my first lathe setup im going to need a grinder to sharpen my tools. Im not going to be doing hours of work a day just a few evenings a week. What grinder is best on a budget? As far as i can make out i need to get one with a lighter grit wheel so i dont just grind my tools away to nothing...
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    Chuck and Jaws Choice?

    Ok so I'm buying my first lathe. I used one quite a bit at uni to turn mostly bowls from 3" right upto 19". I want a lathe and chuck setup that lets me turn fairly large bowls but also have a go at small boxes and fun fiddly things. Also im on a budget :( The lathe is going to be (i think) the...
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    Great deal on a Chuck? Good first setup choice?

    Ok, so im pricing up a lathe and am wondering what chuck to get. I have found a chuck at a good price with a few sets of jaws but as the thread is cut directly into the chuck it may have to be changed if i were to change lathe. The chuuck is the Nova 3G 80mm...
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    Nice Looking Wood on Ebay

    This guy used to sell loads of massive elm blanks but has been a bit quiet of late, I just noticed he had some more stuff up and thought i'd share. Not quite the range he used to do but some nice looking bits in there...
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    Best glue for Egger laminate and oak vaneer to plywood?

    As the title says, Im looking for the best type of glue to use for fixing egger laminate to plywood and for fixing oak veneer to plywood. Im thinking the oak may be the usual high strength pva/wood glue (?) but what is best for the egger?? Thanks
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    A hard wearing finnish for Oak veneer.

    Hello I'm now to this section of the forum so go easy on me :D I am building a big boxy table with most sides being covered in oak veneer. I would like a good hard wearing satin<gloss finish that does not colour the wood too much. it needs to be something that wont need retouching. I just want...
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    Egger laminate + CNC router = chipped edges???

    Hey guys, I posted a while ago about suppliers and alternatives to Formica. Egger was suggested and it seems to be a better price for my needs but is it as durable and most importantly - Does it CNC route and hand route without major chipping??? Cheers
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    Looking for supplier of Formica style high pressure laminate

    Does anybody know a good supplier of HPL, both coloured and woodgrain finish. I could get formica but i would love to find a cheaper alternative. Also does anybody know of a way to avoid bubbling when applying formica style laminates to plywood??
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    What are crown tools like?

    As the title says, what are crown turning tools like??? How do they compare to, say, robert sorby? Thanks