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    individuals turning threads?

    While I am new to turning and this forum I would like to make a suggestion that I have seen and participated in on another forum(not woodworking but another hobby(reefkeeping)). Basically people have a buid thread or turning journey thread where they show where they started and show...
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    thinking of getting record power remounting jaws mega

    As my lathe bed is only 3" below center I have to swivel the headstock whenever turning bowls larger than 6". therefore I cant use support from tailstock with a jam chuck etc. the rp remounting jaws look good and I could keep my standard jaws on at the same time which sounds good. Anyone have...
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    dust and woodchip extraction.

    Having just skimmed over much of whats written about health dangers etc including Bill Pences work I now realise how important good dust extraction is. As I am new to lathe turning(3 weeks) I turn to the far more experienced and knowledgeable on here. So my undeveloped thoughts are: 1...
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    which scroll chuck should I get for my coronet minor?

    Having bought the coronet minor recently and got it mounted and working, and turned a couple of small bowls I see the need for a scroll chuck. I believe that my spindle size is 3/4" by 16 tpi. I have plenty of wood available...mostly in different states of dryness. It is all a learning curve. I...
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    Hello from John

    Hi all, I'm John I've Joined as I'm new to turning and know that I need advice. I am also a great believer in forums. So why turning? I last used a woodturning lathe at school doing a cse(1). Im now 53. I'm a self employed gardener gardener and also have a woodburner, chainsaws sheds etc. ive...