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    Not Lanemaux

    I'm sorry for the confusing title for the post but I honestly couldn't think of anything better at this moment. This is lanemaux's son typing this out now as I have some unpleasant news in regard's to my father's health. For context for those who may not know, but my father has been fighting...
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    Prostate warning , for those I have not reached yet.

    For those of you who have read my warnings before , sorry , but I think it important enough to bear repeating. Very near Halloween of 2012 I got the news that I was stage 4 with metastasis (my cancer was opening branch offices). What brought me to the hospital was complete urinary shutdown...
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    PBS posts new episodes of Woodwright

    For those who may be interested , 3 new episodes are streaming at http://www.pbs.org/show/woodwrights-shop/episodes/ with more on the way.
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    New content from St. Roy of Underhill

    For those who follow the program , The Woodwrights Shop has posted new content at http://video.pbs.org/program/woodwrights-shop/episodes/ on making a bentwood cradle. Maybe this time I'll actually beat the prof at calling attention to it as well , what a rush that would be. like getting to the...
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    Blade set question

    Hello gentlemen. I would like to pick the brains of the illuminati here. Since I will be using an extremely thin grade of plywood (Mandarin orange crate salvage) to cut 1\72 scale and 1/48 scale wartime aircraft models , I was wondering if removing a bit of the set on my blades might give me a...
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    Isn't it cute?

    Today I feel that I can finally post on scrolling - scroll saws with other than drop-jawed praise of others work. I have taken my first step into the world of scrolling, a baby step , but a step none the less. For the princely sum of 25 Canuck bucks I got my own baby scroll saw. At a mere 13...
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    Humbling expierience

    In the course of my life I have done a bit of assembling of things (shipped tools, a mini-bike many kits of all types), I have stripped or dissassembled things and then reassembled them ( motorcycles , cars and in my youth alarm clocks and of course tools like an old salvaged Uni-mat). Not once...
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    Mens health and the imagining of invulnerability

    As this is my last opportunity to make a statement on the subject of the prostate from the privacy of my own den for a bit , here we go. Some time back I began to notice certain changes in my bodies functions. What was once an easy and plentiful flow had become a feeble trickle oft repeated...
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    Who says Canucks got no humor?

    I was dismayed to learn something about my Canadian people today , even though I suspected it. We are having a federal election and therefore the party leaders must debate on television. The usually serious business of government gets serious treatment here. Quite dignified as a rule. The dates...
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    The lengths we go to for addictions

    This morning I noticed my wife and I were nearly out of tobacco. The horrid habit is expensive in Canada at more or less 10 Canuck bucks per package , so I stuff my own tubes (being as I am a cheap old codger). Now , we have native folk on the reserves here that pay no tax on tobacco and so can...
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    A Lathe and Jigsaw from dimensional lumber

    Just posted a link to an article from Fine Woodworking in which Roy Underhill describes making a lathe and jigsaw of the treadle variety with illustrations. Thought you guys might like it as well. It is titled power tool users and neanders unite. I put it up in the turners forum as that seemed...
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    power tool users and neanders unite

    Just thought I would pop in from the hand tool section to share a link from fine woodworking . St. Roy of the woodwrights shop shows how to make a treadle lathe. Oh yes and a jigsaw as well. http://blog.woodworking-magazine.com/blog/Footpowered+Lathe+And+Scrollsaw.aspx Hope someone tries it...
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    St. Roy ...get your fix

    I am certain that most of you hand tool illuminati know that Roy Underhills highly entertaining program The Woodwrights Shop Can now be watched free and gratis on his website. But on the off chance that you did not know , well 4 seasons of hand tool fun and games await you . That is 52 episodes...
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    Intro of newbie

    Hi all, Mike the newbie here. Thought the off topic chat might be the place to intro myself to the more learned , longer period enrolled in the UK wood scene. I am a Canuck from the colonies who is most interested in the hand tool scene.This is a hobby for myself and my daughter that we can...