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    Cap'n Eddie Castelin

    Sad news indeed, Wishing him well! Ted...
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    thought this was funny!

    hehe Love it!
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    Drilling high speed steel

    That's what i would do as well!
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    Couple of Elm logs.

    Smashing bowls, Well done =D>
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    Family name plaque - using Cherry Wood - WIP

    Fantastic stuff! Love it..
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    Apple Tree.

    Lovely work! Wish i had that sort of patience. :)
  7. B


    Lovely work Steve as usual :)
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    Ribbons and bows box

    Can't add anything more than all the above! =D> =D> =D>
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    Fat Angel

    Love both those pieces, Lovely Angel, didn't realise it was cut and stuck back together, looks so nice :)
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    At Last

    good bit of work saving that,very good looking piece!
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    the light of the world

    I find that work amazing, Thank you!
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    Keepsake Box - Finished

    That box is perfect in every way ! well done :)
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    a busy day in the shed

    Nice work, like the bowl a lot!
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    Simple beech bowl

    lovely piece =D>
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    Help yourself any time you want he said...

    very nice too, have fun :)
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    Japanese style bowl

    Very nice and as stated a lovely colour.
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    a little car

    Love it :) Well done..
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    Payment to Keith for wood

    :D Lovely work as usual. :D
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    New scroll saw pieces

    John i really think those are great ! I did The second one ages ago but afraid it ended up junk compared to yours, and i had perfect sight then, although it is starting to go a bit now ! good luck with the new saw and keep showing the work you do. Regards Ted .......