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    Record Power Mobile Base for BS300 Bandsaw

    Aside from dust and a paint splash it's in good order. £20 collected from Bromley, Kent. PM me if interested.
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    Dust Filter?

    I'm debating whether to buy a dust filter (e.g. Microclene, Record Power AC400, or similar) but suffering from a lack of understanding of the benefits... Are they really a good thing? The filter performance (Record AC400 "down to 1 micron") suggests they simply allow the really harmful dust...
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    Workbench and Router Table

    In my ongoing quest to get my workshop sorted I'm turning my attention to workbenches. I discarded my heavy workbench with built in vice etc as it did not fit into my plans to make the shop equipment as mobile as possible. I've been looking at multi-function tables; considering the likes of the...
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    FOR SALE: Record Power DMS26 Drill Stand

    I have one of these for sale: £40 ono collected from Bromley, Kent. PM me if interested.
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    3D(?) Drill Bits?

    More years ago than I care to remember, you couldn't move for adverts for (what I think was called) 3D drill bits; capable of boring larges holes in multiple directions (i.e a curved hole). I thought it was novel at the time but I had no need for it. Now I do have a need but they do not seem to...
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    FOR SALE: Bosch GTA6000 Mitre Saw Stand

    I believe this is a universal stand. The attached pictures show the brackets for attaching a mitre saw - the bolts can be slid for and aft and the gap between the brackets adjusts too. £40 collected from Bromley, Kent. Photos here
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    Base for Record Power DX5000 Available

    I've just converted my Record Power DX5000 extractor to a DX4000; changing the base from a bag to a drum. I therefore have a DX5000 base available if anyone is interested (i.e. to convert a DX4000 to the larger capacity wall hanging DX5000). The motor just sits on top. PM me.
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    FOR SALE: Spur (& compatible) Shelving Brackets

    Lots of Spur and copy branded (compatible) uprights and brackets. Collection from Bromley, Kent due to weight. Varying states of condition - used in my garage. £30 Pictures of this and other stuff for sale in other threads here
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    FOR SALE: Record No3 Engineers Vice

    £40. Collection from Bromley, Kent only due to weight. Cheers Pictures of this and other stuff for sale in other threads here
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    FOR SALE: Record 52 1/2 E Bench Vice

    Lovely bench vice - one of the most desirable of the classic Record vices as far as I recall. Good condition. All works. Recently replaced the timber in the jaws. Collection from Bromley, Kent only due to the weight. £60 Pictures of this and other stuff for sale in other threads here
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    Porta Nailer (for laying solid wood floors)

    Professional tool used to lay a solid wood flooring. Excellent condition - used to lay one floor. (Worked out cheaper to buy the floor and the proper tools to lay it vs. paying for it to be laid...) Comes with: 2x shoes - one for hidden nails in edge of each board, the other for surface...
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    FOR SALE: Multico PM12 Mortiser

    Next up... Multico PM12 Mortiser Come with three mortise bits and a drill chuck. £70 collect from Bromley, Kent. Open to offers! Please PM me if you're interested.
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    SOLD: XCALIBUR 10" Tablesaw 8050101

    I need to liberate some space in my small garage so I am reluctantly selling my Xcalibur tablesaw. Good condition. Comes with sliding aluminium table to the left side. Cast iron static extension to the right side. Dedicated stand. 1.5hp motor, single phase. I installed a 100mm extractor hose...
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    Sticky Measure on Mitre Fence

    Hi, Just bought http://www.axminster.co.uk/ujk-technology-precision-mitre-gauge-fence-501281 and it comes with a sticky ruler tape. The instructions show it being stuck to the front of the fence however I fail to understand how that can be useful given the fence is movable and therefore the...
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    Having a clear out... Circular saw vs Rail Saw

    Hi, I'm having a clear out and wondering why I'm keeping by Makita 5703 circular saw when I have a DeWalt rail saw... I kept hold of the Makita after getting the DeWalt thinking there may be circumstances where I'd need it but, erm, in several years those circumstances have never materialised...
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    Countersink / counterbore and clearance hole all in one go?

    Hi, I'm struggling to find something I can't believe it is not more readily available... I frequently have cause to drill a clearance hole and countersink / counterbore. Most often for 8 guage screws - my "go to" for fixing most things... I would like a single drill bit to complete both in one...
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    Recommended Plane for Door Fitting?

    Hi all, For fitting/trimming smaller (inset) cabinet doors I've always muddled through with a block plane. However, I feel I need something more for larger doors (c. 1.5 to 2m). I get the doors to fit in the hole using a rail saw but when it comes to getting all the gaps consistent and true...
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    Great bench

    Great bench... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=G1Ix0uSO7r4
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    MDF Door Panels - Glue or not?

    I'm making some panelled doors using 6mm MDF for the panels (rebated in grooves in Poplar). In the past I've not glued the panels but have experienced some minor movement in the panel which has affected the paint. I'm wondering with this set of doors whether I should glue the panels? Grateful...
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    Using Pocket Holes for Panelled Doors?

    I'm making some Shaker style doors - each door has two panels. Normally I use biscuit joints, glue, and clamp. However, I'm wondering whether there is any reason not to use Pocket Holes? The doors will be painted so I can plug the holes and paint over. One one hand there seems no reason not to...