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    mdf glue joints

    i have laminated up a block of mdf using pva which has been sanded - and i want to paint it. in trials i am still getting the glue lines showing through the paint after many coats. it is important that these are not visible. i didnt use mdf sealers but plenty of coats have been added - both...
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    6 small bowls wanted

    For those that may be interested : i have been approached by producers of a tv programme to be shown on channel 4 to produce 6 natural edge (preferably but not essential) bowls to be used in filming for a 'food type' production for channel 4 - to be filmed mid october. This may give you the...
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    new web site

    just a note to let you know of my new website : www.tulipwoodcrafts.co.uk feel free to view my work and let me know what you think of the site and the pieces......
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    Platter stands

    I am looking ofr a supplier of stands suitable for shallow bowls and platters (to stand them vertically). Unfortunatly i dont have the time to make them myself - in wood preferably but anything of quality is a possibility. Suggestions welcome.....
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    Latest work

    thanks for the help with the photos guys - here they are for real sycamore platter with carved celtic 'tree of life' splated and flamed beech with flutes and carved rim and one for fun from a while back which wont hold much water
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    latest work pics

    i though i would try and post a few pics of our latest work - to see if the photo came from the link i am using. sorry if it messes up !! and hope it works[/url]
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    Exterior finish for sapele

    i have a carved celtic cross - (graveyard style) - i'm getting to the point of finishing choices and am looking for some advice. Since the upkeep of such a cross in a graveyard is unlikely and the 'look' of it remaining good quality is important to me - i would like your opinions on suitable...
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    spalted beech planks anyone ?

    these planks are 7ft long and range 8-14" - they have been air drying of r about a year and with furthur drying would make lovely furniture etc alternatively they would make ideal clock blanks / bowl blanks / mirrors etc..... unfortunately for most of you - they are in county down , northern...
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    tool rest maker

    does anyone know of a manufacturer of a heavy duty toolrest. i am looking for a 8-10" toolrest with a 1" shaft. any help appreciated.
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    woodturned desk tidy

    i am kean to hear from anyone who has any idead on desk tidy design. must be luxury / high class - any ideas considered.....
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    3hp variable lathe for sale (n.ireland)

    this is my own lathe for sale - it is unbranded but is an excellent bit of kit. it would only be for the serious turner who want to adventure into large pieces. it is 3hp variable speed and can turn approx 22" over the bed. the bed itself is approx 9ft long. the headstock, tailstock and bed are...
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    very high quality wooden box maker ?

    if you fit the bill or know of anyone who does - please let me know - wanted : luxury box for collection of watches
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    record cl3 for sale

    record cl3 - 36" bed , swivel head , complete with stand - for further details email me. northern ireland.
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    couple of starter lathes for sale

    any looking for a starter lathe check out the following forum - they are unfortunalty for some all in county down http://groups.yahoo.com/group/irelandwoodturners/
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    scottish turners

    heading up to scotland mid july - somewhere in perthshire - anyone know of any woodturners in that rough area that would be worth a visit ,
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    can i oil over paint

    as a woodturner i want to apply some paint to parts of a bowl - can i put an oil over at the end - does it have to be an oil based paint ? i will be uisng mineral oil as a foodsafe finish. any help appreciated !!
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    cutting schedule for woodturning timber

    regular updates of cutting schedule for suitable timber for woodturners is available in the following group - it is mostly suitable for irish and uk turners but everyone is welcome http://groups.yahoo.com/group/irelandwoodturners/
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    anyone got a bowl saver ?

    i have a few nice big burrs which i want to turn but to get the most out of them i would like to save the cores if possible. Does anyone in northern ireland / ireland have a bowl ssaver which they would be willing to lend or do the coring themselves in return for some pieces of the burr.
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    woodturning discounts

    over the past few months i have been trying to source woodturning products at good prices for an internet group of irish turners. i have managed to find quite a few bargaind. if any one is interested i am willing to pass on these savings. Sandpaper, sanding discs, pen kits and spares, clock...
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    timber ireland jan

    i am picking up a oad of yew and elm soon if anyone in ireland is interested