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    Marking gauge (wheel variety)

    When I came across these, they seemed expensive and gimmicky. The only real advantage I see is for getting into a confined space, such as when marking a hinge recess in the rebate of door frame. I have never bothered to buy one.
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    Bedside Table

    Very nice , neat job, Martin. =D> Did you have previous woodworking experience prior to taking the 5 day furniture course? Either way, a fine table.
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    Which finishes are childsafe?

    For culinary items, I use olive oil; cheap, easy moderately protective and obviously safe; so maybe a good choice for toys too.
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    Hand plane sole flatness?

    That's why I don't get too hung up about having planes and such like prepared to spaceflight engineering standards. The tool, however perfect, will be in the hands of a human being, who will then need to correct his own user-imparted imperfections by the time honoured methods.
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    Boxwood logs

    I've just had the good fortune to have been given some logs of box, around 27" long and the largest are 11" diameter. The question is how to dry and use them. I tested a fragment which showed up around 16%, so the wood seems to be reasonably dry already. I suppose I need to split them down...
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    Best book on making double glazed windows.

    +1 I'm not aware of any book giving adequate coverage to this subject, which in any case is subject to regular change. Tooling manufacturers all seem to have devised their own, regulation compliant systems; but way too expensive for small scale production and tend to require a top of the range...
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    Help me choose a first plane?

    Size wise, my first plane was a #5 - probably the most versatile thing I've ever owned. Despite now sharing cupboard space with about 15 other planes, it's still the most used, having had some part to play in almost everything I've ever made in 30+ years. It was nothing trendy either, a humble...
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    got bitten by a black dog today

    I once walked past a property with a pillar box outside. Whilst posting my letter out comes a dog through the open gate and bit my leg, although only superficially. I protested to the moronic owner in a reasonably polite manner, that I ought to be able to walk along the Queen's highway and use...
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    18th century workbench design

    It's worth taking a look at what they are up to at Colonial Williamsburg. The situation in an English colony 30 or so years after Chippendale's prime was likely to have many similarities. http://livinginwilliamsburgvirginia.blo ... onial.html
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    riving knife on table saw

    Removing the riving knife is a very bad idea. Alternatively, a portable circular saw can perform such cuts in reasonable safety, albeit a little less accurately.
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    Ashley Isle's Chisels - So Dissapointed

    If anything, they will cut even better, because of the slicing action. 8)
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    Carved Human Hand in Lime

    I need scarcely add to the praise already given, except to say I concur with it all. What I will add however, is that as a carver myself, this is inspirational.
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    Another bargain!

    Early ordering advisable :shock: http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-pr ... ers-952881
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    Advice on Beech

    And woodworm seem to consider it a great delicacy too!
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    need a makita collet

    I had a similar problem, needing an 8mm collet for a Makita RP0900. Sourcing one was a tricky minefield of confusing part numbers and firms charging extortionate prices. Eventually, I got one through these people, who gave good service and correct prices. Even then, it was complicated...
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    Any music types on here?

    Choral singer (tenor) and I play the flute a bit. I have a modern Boehm and a nice boxwood baroque flute. One of these days perhaps I'll stick some wood on the lathe and attempt to make one. Just before Xmas, I noted that Lidl had a good deal on Yamaha keyboards, so snapped one up. Never...
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    Workshop Must Have's...

    +1 Though first, make a pair of saw stools, which will come in handy for constructing the bench. A decent bench and vice are invaluable for practically anything you're likely to make in a workshop.
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    Cabinet scraper

    An old-time cabinet maker recalled as an apprentice being castigated for buying a thin one "Wojja go and buy that for? It'll be red 'ot in five seconds!" Personally however, I have a thinner one and find it's flexibility comes in handy. But yes, for anything but the lightest work, it does get...
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    My first real attempt at veneering

    Nice one! An exceptional piece of veneer, which you have done justice to. What technique did you use to lay it and what finish have you used?
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    Heavy Duty Carpentery

    I have heard that they get a special premium for working in greenheart, because apparently it's vile to work with and the splinters are guaranteed to fester.