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    Chair rebuild.

    @ Rod, just as an aside, that's a beautiful Windsor, any more pics, makers mark or history? chris
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    Dust collection from mitre saw

    many thanks K, just what I wanted.
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    Dust collection from mitre saw

    K, thats interesting stuff, do you have a link to the specific page as I have looked but cant find it. thanks chris
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    The Marvel

    yes, they use a Morso guillotine, currently in the for sale section. :) chris
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    breaker, breaker?

    Hi All. this weekend I have been to aN estate sale of an old restorer near Fordingbridge. Unfortunately I was late to the party but they still have some items of interest to members here; a few OLD machines, some finishing materials, a large amount of ready broken furniture (panels, legs, etc)...
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    Anyone for a hole in one

    =D> =D>
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    Bournemouth advice

    Hi Sam, just like any other town, Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch all have their expensive/cheap areas. I would say that IN GENERAL Xch is a bit more expensive than the others and take note of Mick's post, above. hth chris
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    Tool Vest

    Mark, I do and have noticed that everybody else wears theirs the wrong way round! chris
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    Trend sign maker

    hi, skronk, is that the one that Rutlands have an offer on right now? chris
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    Women drivers

    I understand the concept, but the not the wording. Does 'merge in turn' mean merge in the turn or merge alternately? Discuss :twisted: chris
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    Misunderstood tool.

    Nice one BB, I too have one of these gathering dust and not realising it's uses :). chris
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    People who have no respect for your work...

    I once made an occasional table as a wedding present for friends of mine. It was quite simple, but striking, made of Canadian Maple with through tennons, secured with bog oak wedges. They gave/lent it to their sister & brother-in-law! chris
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    shop made flip stop

    nice one Jack, looks quite professional. chris
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    Interesting tool from Bosch

    hmm, looks like it could do a fair bit of damage quite quickly.
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    black wood

    melt down an old 78 record for black shellac?
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    Laminate flooring

    as Graham says, Quik Step. chris
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    Why the angle of dangle is so important

    "Water Angle Navigation Guide" haha, very droll. :roll:
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    Corian Infill Plane

    mmm, stilton =P~