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    Advice on removing part of a storage shelf.

    Thank you very much for all the suggestions, much appreciated. Is it ok with everyone if i copy and paste these suggestions to her in a post on a craft forum? I'm not sure how it works here as far as taking the info from a thread, it would just be easier add this info to her thread in the craft...
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    Advice on removing part of a storage shelf.

    Hi, i have a friend who has this storage unit... The shelves appear to be glued into routered slots. She would like to remove some of the shelves to enlarge areas of the unit (so the small boxes are larger) but is not too sure how to do this. Would she be looking at some kind of saw, or...
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    Where would i find wood that is 1000 years old?

    Just spoke to Mike, very helpfull indeed, thanks again for the link. Another question, shrinkage? I've been told that bog oak can shrink a fair bit. How much are we talking about though? The items i will be making are 6 x 4in, door shaped, but to be honest if it changed slightly or looked a...
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    Where would i find wood that is 1000 years old?

    Thank you all for your replies, at least i know it is buyable then. Calv.
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    Where would i find wood that is 1000 years old?

    A local market stall sells pendant necklaces that the seller claims are made from 1000 and 1500 year old wood. Is it even possible to get a steady supply of wood this age? If so, where would you get such a thing? I wanted to make something which is quite small, but wanted the oldest wood...
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    Does Danish oil smell bad once applied?

    Hi all, A friend of mine has just bought a cupboard of ebay for her house, however she say it "smells funny". apparently the seller states that the cupboard was finished with danish oil. Could this be the reason for the smell? I'm not sure if my friend has a lot of previous experience with...
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    Is Isopropyl alcohol acid free?

    Hi all, not sure where to put this one, but i guess as people here may have used this stuff as a cleaner or similar, i may get some answers..... I use a lot of alcohol blending soloution for arts and crafts, primarily with alcohol inks. Also as a cleaner. I currently get the blending soloution...
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    Pliers advice please.

    Hi all, i'm looking for suggestions on pliers/cutting tool that will give a "non jagged/sharp" end to a cut piece of wire. My girlfriend uses wire in a lot of her craft projects, some of which will be handled a lot, and up to now she has just used normal wire cutters or pliers to cut the wire...
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    Router table problems.

    Unfortunately its metal, i think the only enlargement you could do would be hacking the metal lip off altogether. Then there would'nt be a recess at all. I guess that could work but i might save it for a smaller router base. Cheers for that idea Gidon, might give that a go later. Even i could...
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    Router table problems.

    Ok it's my own stupid fault, but i didn't check the size of my Titan router before buying a cheap and cheerful Nutool router table. As a result, the router base is fractionaly bigger than the recess that the router sits in under the table. :roll: Really annoyed as i'm totaly new to routing...
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    Cutting a circle out of wood.

    Thats excellent, thanks for that Paul. Calv.
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    Cutting a circle out of wood.

    Can anyone recommend an easy way to cut a decent circle from mdf? All i have at my disposal at present is a jigsaw and a router (only just learning about the router though). I am pretty good with a jigsaw but wondered if there was a method of getting the circle exactly round easily? I was just...
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    Titan mitre saw only suitable for MDF?

    Just seen this Titan mitre saw on the Screwfix site, down from £90 to £55. http://www.screwfix.com/prods/98832?ts=33207# Reading the instruction manual on the page there, it says that it is only suitable for cutting MDF board. I will be using pine a lot, and mdf, but surely a mitre saw would...
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    Is this Titan router ok for a novice?

    http://www.screwfix.com/prods/31965/Pow ... outer-230V I've never had or used a router, but am getting highly fed up with coming across projects that need one! :roll: Have'nt got a great budget (i blame the kids), so was looking at one under £50 that would give me at least an insight as to...
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    Need help with a wood project plan.

    Thanks for that Steve, i have'nt got a router but i think it's high time i got even a cheap one. :roll: What i'm struggling with, is picturing how the inside looks. So if you took the side off, what would it look like? Sorry to sound thick with this, but i think i need an exploded diagram...
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    Need help with a wood project plan.

    Hi, I am having real trouble figuring out how to make a storage box for my girlfriend. Well not for her literally......i'm not that fed up with her yet..... :D....... She has asked me if i can make these out of thin MDF..... I am having what you might call a mental block on this. I can make...
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    Advice on saw hole drill set.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. and i'd rather have one lot of bad news than learn the hard way after parting with my cash. :? My problem is that i don't have a huge budget to just go and buy a tool of the greatest quality.........and i can get impatient! :D Never mind, i'll keep an eye out...
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    Advice on saw hole drill set.

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of drill saw bits that cut holes in wood. I will be mainly cutting holes in MDF no more than 1cm thick, so i wondered if this sort of set would do? Hole saw kit I was also after making holes a little bigger, and there is this tool that appears to go up to 10cm, but...
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    Chair leg advice for a friend.

    I am looking for some advice for a friend of who posted a query on another forum, it involves her wooden chairleg so i thought i'd ask here for advice. It's a bit of a long shot, but i thought i'd try anyway. Heres her initial post.... "Well I ended up spending a big chunk of yesterday trying...
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    Is this ok to start with? Cheap B&Q mitre saw.

    I have strips of pine, 2.1m x 94mm x 18mm which i cut up into lengths of 6inches. So i end up with pieces 6 x 4in. I need to get the cuts exactly square, or at least better than i do with a jigsaw, i always end up cutting wonky! :roll: I thought that with a mitre saw i cound just slide he...