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    breaker, breaker?

    Hi All. this weekend I have been to aN estate sale of an old restorer near Fordingbridge. Unfortunately I was late to the party but they still have some items of interest to members here; a few OLD machines, some finishing materials, a large amount of ready broken furniture (panels, legs, etc)...
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    help please, a little turning job?

    hello spinney people, I have an ebony dresser set which I'd like to give Mum for xmas, one piece is missing 2x turned legs. http://s1083.beta.photobucket.com/user/chriswad/library/dresser%20set Would anyone be willing to turn these for me in return for beer vouchers, tools or either of my...
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    a bit of carving

    some impressive carving =D> http://www.randallrosenthal.com/Pages/New%20Pages/whats_new.htm chris
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    special plane

    can you believe this, its final selling price!? what do ordinary No4's cost? chris :shock:
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    another rare, old, collectable, vintage chisel!

    Check out this beauty! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261078089903?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619 this seller also has some other stunners on offer :twisted: chris
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    tool ID?

    Hi All, ok these are obviously not woodworking tools buuuuuut I know there are plenty of folks on here with a plenty of knowledge, so can anybody tell me what they are? thanks aplenty, chris
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    car booty bournemouth

    first boot sale this year, only a few bits, 4x pairs of unknown cramp heads for a tenner, this North Bros 'Yankee' 131A, 16 1/2" closed, works well, £2 :oops: . Fabrex No 400 hand drill, does anybody else call them a wheel brace? really solid and still got most of its paint. chris
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    Record TS250

    Hi all, i have had one of these on long term loan from a friend, he has asked me if I would like to buy it. My question is how much is a fair price, it doesn't have a sliding table, he's a good bloke so i don't want to give him any less than its's worth. i will check ebay. TIA chris
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    North Bros

    Hi all, i know a few on here like North Bros tools so i thought i'd share this one i got yesterday; :twisted: , No 15, Pat Nov 2 '97-May 1 '06. just 5" long and in really good condition. Whilst i'm on the subject, the other one pictured is a No35 and holds a small countersink. When it's...
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    rare bailey-stanley planes anybody?

    http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/baile ... s/97067272 high hopes? :roll: seller forgot 'antique' too! chris
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    Bedrock or not?

    Hi All, a question for you more experienced toolies, I've had a look at 'Blood and Gore' which shows the Bedrock casting to have a flat centre section of the sidewall. Is this an absolute, meaning if a casting has the usual rounded profile, it's not a Bedrock? TIA chris
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    new use for old tool?

    noticed this on that site, so what would you use this for? (apart from the obvious!) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Old-Unusual-Drawknife-/280771909370?pt=UK_Collectable_ToolsHasdware_RL&hash=item415f4f56fa chris