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    Any electric guitar builders here?

    As in, any builders of electric guitars...... Anyway, I want to start making solid bodied electric guitars from scratch, and I am looking for advice on a suitable band saw for preparing the blanks. Does anyone have any advice as to how to go about choosing one?
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    New workshop reuired - maybe a log-cabin?

    Soon to move house and have been allocated a budget (still negiating on the size of that budget!) for a new workshop. Am thinking I'd like to get a cabin kit put up in the corner of the garden. Or I guess i could build my own. Any thoughts on pros, cos, designs and typical costs? Looking at...
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    Tips for a trip to Devon

    Anyone know any interesting places to visit (re: wood turning!) in Devon? Off there next week so would welcome any recommendations. Hoping to pop into Axminster's at some point, but other than that I have no leads. TIA
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    Best material for filling a guitar

    In the process of taking a beaten up old Fender guitar body from its current state to something like a guitar again. Tthe body has been hacked around a bit and needs filling in places. Any recommendations as to the filler to use, given that it'll need a good sanding afterwards, followed by...
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    What's not to like about this video?

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    That screeching sound can't be good...

    Was merrily turning today when all of a sudden the motor let rip. Nearly deafened me. Opened her up and found this had happened One half of the pulley nearly in bits had flown off its spindle. Glad it hadn't made it through the metal case of the lathe. That put an end to my hobby for a...
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    Router bits getting stuck

    Just bought a new router (a big yellow fella) and the router bits get well stuck in the 1/4" collet. I have to remove the whole collect and then the bits comes out. What could I lubricate it with that doesn't end up making it a dust-collecting sticky mess? I have tried PTFE spray but it didn't...
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    Great Video For Router Table Noobs (like me!)

    I learned a lot from this - maybe it's old hat to some of you but to a noob it could be really useful. Router Tips From Woodsmith mag
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    Running extraction around the shop

    I am in the process of learning woodwork and so am revamping the garage, and I am becoming obsessed with sucking up as much sawdust as possible from my machines! Due to little space I don't have dedicated space for all the machines I have so far, so I was planning on running the sucky system...
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    How to cut tall, thin stock on the table saw

    Any tips on how to slice a 3" x 1" short board into two equal 1/2" thick slices? I managed it safely but ended up with the board tilted slightly so ended up with wedge-shaped cross-sections. Problem was using push sticks because of the finger-saver wotsit over the blade, so clearly I failed to...
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    Gripping Stock On The Table Saw

    I have just purchased my first decent table saw. I have been researching tips on using it safely and have come across the Gripper Grrripper and I was wondering what you guys thought of it - they appear to advocate removing the blade guard and riving knife, which I was lead to believe are what...
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    H&S gone mad? No, H&S gone walkabout

    I almost wish one of these guys would lose an eye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7OPH9xxIpE I get annoyed when people publish videos where they mess around with dangerous tools - I hate to think of some kid seeing that and thinking....hmm, looks like fun
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    Wood Swap

    I notice there's a few of us in and around the East Midlands (Nottingham, personally). I wondered if anyone wants to swap wood (not a euphemism!). I have quite a bit of cherry and spalted beech, and other unidentified logs, and it'd nice to swap with people if they have a surplus of something...
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    Wood Gloat

    My first haul of the year (well, its a haul for me). The elephant's foot is the largest piece, at nearly 3' high and 18" across at the base. What I believe is a cherry, together with the ubiquitous beech and birch and other bits and pieces. Largest piece is probably 16" diameter. The few...
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    What to consider when buying a bandsaw for the first time

    Have decided to get a BS as an aid in wood prep for turning on the lathe. I am wonder what to look for when making up my mind. I guess max depth of cut is one thing, but then, a tool is never big enough in my experience! I am thinking 5" depth would be enough for my turning needs, and with the...
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    Mitre Saws (again!)

    Its a common question I know, but I am looking to replace my 8 yo Elektra Beckum SCMS, which is kaput. I was looking at the Bosch PCM 8 S (for example, this one) but then I noticed it can only bevel to the left. I do a lot of decking work and find it so much easier and hence quicker to be able...
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    Problems with sharpening system

    I have the Sorby system with the fingernail and standard grind adapter. The problem I have with it is that there is just so much "play" in the components as to make for an inconsistent grind. I have tightened all the bits that can be tightened. It just doesnt seem to me that well made for the...
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    One strong lathe

    Makes my bowls look a bit small!
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    Cause of banding on insides of bowls?

    My biggest current problem at the moment is getting a smooth finish on the inside of bowls. What I get a lot of is a series of ridges (or furrows, actually) created as my bowl gouge traverses to the centre. Once I have them the gouge tends to then follow them on the next pass. Am I pushing too...
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    Trend Airshield Pro

    If anyone wants one, I am selling one on the ForSale board. Thanks.