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    chainsaw sharpeners

    I use one of these if it gets really blunt/damged and just a suitable small round file by eye when out and about with the saw, only takes about 5 mins to touch up normally when you refuel (and have acup of tea :) ). cd
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    Myford MkII

    Hi Steve If its the Mystro there's one on the AWGB pages for sale for £650 to give you some idea cd
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    Pen turning.

    Hi, Pretty useful description here http://www.hoistman.com/HoistMan/PenTurn.html HTH cd
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    Watch/Clock Faces

    Hi Ray, Welcome to the forum. You could try looking at woodturning supplies for small clocks. try this for starters http://www.stilesandbates.co.uk/shop/sh ... fm?pid=174 cd
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    Slate roofing insulation

    Hi Steve, I've not had the problem myself but my sister had a similar problem with her last house. She opted for the spray on stuff from a company called Renotherm and was very happy with the result. It sticks to the slates to keep them from slipping and adds considerably to the insulation. She...
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    Is it me or is this odd?!

    Hi Paul, It was me that asked the question about them before, post is here for interest. While I ended up with what I wanted they were a bit slow getting it too me and I had to phone them, to get any sort of response. They answer the phone using a completly different company name too :o . cd
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    How do you measure a V shaped chisel?

    Hi Calv Pretty sure its a carving tool not a turning tool, a quick look on http://www.diytools.co.uk/Default.aspx just search the product code, shows that the ebay deal seems to be no better than buying it from them though :( HTH cd
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    would this be worth it

    If it goes for anything near that starting price that would be an amazing buy. At double that plus hiring a van and a round trip of 7-800 miles I would probably consider it if I hadn't just booked next years hols :) cd
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    Where do burrs come from?

    Hi Mr S I recently turned a bowl for a friend from an oak burr he asked me the same question. The best I could do was a quick google search for him and came up with these. http://www.redwood.national-park.com/info.htm#bur and http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/natbltn/600-699/nb629.htm I think if...
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    Sealing a workshop floor

    May not be the right thing but I just finished laying a load of second hand carpet tiles in my workshop (office throwing them out) and I sealed the wooden floor with PVA before sticking them down. cd
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    Wooden USB keychain (looking for suppliers)

    I know :shock: Saw some 2gb ones in costco last week for about £30. I did wonder about getting a cheap one stripping the plastic cover off it and seeing if I could turn something to fit it in. Might have to have a go at chasing threads though and thats not something I've really got on with. cd
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    Wooden USB keychain (looking for suppliers)

    Hi All, I noticed these in the latest Rutlands catalouge and thought they might make nice and slighty different xmas presents but thought £25 for a kit was a bit steep. So has anyone seen them for sale anywhere else ?, preferably a bit cheaper. TIA cd
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    Anyone used powertooldirect.co.uk

    Update: It arrived yesterday which was 3 weeks :( instead of 7-10 days but apart from that it was fine. It was well packed and all set up ready to plug in and use, so I'm happy overall. cd
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    Aldi Router Table

    Probably too late now but I was in Luton around lunchtime today a bit early to pick the outlaws up from the aiport. I called in to the Aldi next to the big B&Q and there were still plenty of routers tables and 3 biscuit jointers, well 2 when I'd left :D I've had a quick play with my new tool...
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    Wooden pens

    Hi RPM, My pen madrel is a two part one the mandrel has a straight section that fits into the morse taper part. I guess this straight section could be gripped by the jaws of a chuck rather than using the morse taper. The mandrel came from turners retreat, part of the kit on this page. I would...
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    Anyone used powertooldirect.co.uk

    Well I rung them this morning the Microlene is out of stock :cry: but a very helpful woman called me back after checking direct with microclene and it would be a 7-10 day wait which I didnt think was too bad so its ordered :P I'll let you know the outcome when it arrives I looked at this...
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    Anyone used powertooldirect.co.uk

    Hi Paul, Sorry if I wasnt too clear. I'm specifically looking for the microclene mc400 air filter. I have dust extraction around the lathe but this is never perfect with big spinny things sending dust in all directions especially while power sanding. I use a powered respirator to protect myself...
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    Anyone used powertooldirect.co.uk

    Thanks for the replies, The details on the powertool direct site arn't too clear but you can read the specs at the microclene site if your interested. This is really for cleaning the air rather than dust extraction. I get a very dusty workshop sanding at the lathe and while I'm ok wearing my...
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    Anyone used powertooldirect.co.uk

    Hi I've been looking for an air filter for a while and have settled on the microlene MC400 which powertooldirect have here at about £40 cheaper than anyone else. What I really want to know is if there an ok company to deal with or is there a sting in the tail ? cd
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    Chuck advice sought

    Hi Alf, There are a few self made chuck idea's that could probably hold your handles ok but I cant seem to find the links I'm looking for. This one is the nearest I can find but the sort of thing I was thinking of was a block mounted on you screw chuck about 4" long turned round, hollowed out...