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    business rates valuation

    Land registry changes might also incur property taxes etc when you have to assign a fee. might be messy short term if it's something you have to do.
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    business rates valuation

    Who owns the property? You'd have to split the properties and get a revaluation to decrease the rateable value. Splitting might mean actually emptying/repurposing for a VOA visit and possibly registering with land registry. Land registry might take 6 months or more to go through. I'm...
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    Military Battle Tactics

    Well I am off work for a while as my elderly father is very unwell and in rehabilitation so have some time to use up at home. One of the things I have always wanted to learn more about are military and combat tactics from great battles/wars in the past. Came across a raft of books by Osprey and...
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    Condensation damage to walls

    Thank you very much for your help guys. Whilst the problem has not resolved You pointed me in the right direction and now found the cause... a leak up in the loft! Called another engineer out to investigate for a leak and did not leave until he found it, literally underneath a floorboard and...
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    Condensation damage to walls

    Pipework all felt dry though, so could it be a leaking joint somewhere letting off steam?
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    Condensation damage to walls

    Never had a problem like it either, in 30 years of living in the house. Had a old fashioned vented water tank before but had to change to unvented tank in feb when we had a new boiler installed and realised the pressure from the (mixer) taps was particularly poor
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    Condensation damage to walls

    I don’t know where the moisture is coming from, all I know is that it is a lot and is daily. I thought it was the cold walls in the corner or the cold pipes meeting the hot air coming from the very hot water pipes feeding/out from the tanks. No visible steam but would make sense as the walls...
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    Condensation damage to walls

    Probably not the most interesting of topics but really need some urgent help so wondering if anyone in this broad church can advise what to do next? On Friday we awoke to blistering paint on a upstairs hallway ledge, soaking underneath, and a wet patch on the ceiling corner above it. My initial...
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    Notre Dame

    Awful tragedy really, will never be the same. Hope they are able to rebuild the best they can
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    PRICE LOWERE—Festool DF 700 EQ-Plus GB 240V DOMINO XL - £850

    Price lowered to £850 with free delivery. Payment by cash or bacs. Collection available from Gravesend Kent or nearby.
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    PRICE LOWERE—Festool DF 700 EQ-Plus GB 240V DOMINO XL - £850

    Brand new unused Festool Domino XL. Exactly the same as https://www.festool.co.uk/products/domi ... us-gb-240v Includes: DOMINO cutter D 12 2x empty dowel box open ended spanner, WAF 12 in SYSTAINER SYS 5 T-LOC, Additional Stop ZA-DF500. Never used, didn’t even get the chance to register it...
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    My mate Billy

    This is the absolutely worst aspect when owning a dog, or probably any pet. So loyal and full of character. Hope he has the time of his life this Spring. Best wishes for all your family and friends at this difficult time
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    TRITON JOF001 router - excessive noise?

    That isn’t normal to me. I sold my triton routers, but did have experience of both of their main models. Triton stick a big motor in all their tools as their selling point, they are noisy tools.
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    Men's ( woodwork)shed

    Decide if it is a business or a charity. You will need to market the hell out of it, you will need to think about your target market (e.g. young/middle aged, male/female, hobbyist or someone wanting to become a professional). You will have to have some public liability insurance and other...
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    UJK Router Lift

    There are some previouse discussions in the forums. One thing I wasn't really aware of before I bought my lift is that you are limited to certain router models that fit on the lift. You might be ok with your t11k but I had to buy another router (dewalt 625) in the end to use for the lift.
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    Kitchen Cabinets - are they all created equal?

    Good points above, I've been working with Howdens and Benchmarx kitchens in the last few years. Benchmarx/wickes cabinets are slightly better, the rear backing is a bit thicker with a solid 12mm chipboard back panel. Howdens is thinner. The service void on all the cabinets can be a waste of...
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    What should my next powertool spend be?

    As Graham suggested, do you have any floor space for stationary machines? A table saw or bandsaw would open new doors for you.
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    Broken Vertical Soil pipe collar

    In the middle of renovating my own house and I had an old fashioned but perfectly fine vertical soil waste pipe for a downstairs toiler (with a S type trap fitting). The drainage soil piping was all vitreous clay, and to my horror on Saturday i found the guys who were doing some first fix and...
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    How do I avoid being stung by Phoenix company fraud?

    Not sure I've got the right title to explain this, but how do you avoid doing business with companies that are here today and gone tomorrow, sometimes to find they have opened business with a new name? It's a business lesson I have never learnt, and almost got stung by a supplier this year. By...