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    Fitting a Wickes bathroom

    Installing a complete toilet ensemble from Wickes. The WC/Sink and "P" shaped bath are good enough. The bath screen and bath glass pane were reasonable. The only issue I had was the waste for the bath and "S" bends were cheap and after going to local PTS fitted new waste to bath, the sink...
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    JJ Smith Demo

    I received a e mail on my works IT from JJ Smith stating they had a demo day. Is anyone going.
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    Fire Detection system Industrial

    This system detects fire, releases a water curtain to stop the fire or spark going into the storage unit, if the fire or sparks continue for a certain period trhe system shuts down preventing the fire or explosion. Again not cheap but works great supplied by Grecon though there could be others...
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    6 Head Moulder

    Now before you read anything I am a Weinig man and I used to be Wadkin, when its dealing with Moulders I cannot see past Weinig. So I am totally biased. I purchased this just before recession bit and other than our sister company new build we have not purchased since. It came in at under £80k I...
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    CNC Optimisers

    I have used varied Optimisers over the years I have currently a Stromab purchased prior to my arrival. My last purchase was Grecon Dimter and I still like it for its software and waste calculation ability and handling. In all my experience the push feed for accuracy but the full auto is quicker...
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    CNC Morticing

    I prurchased this after the Balestrini Tenoner, we had a jam in production and Morticing was the culprit. Like all production you chase problems from one task to another until your full circle and you need bigger faster machinery. There was another option and that was to replace our two CNC...
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    Furniture Tenoner

    I purchased this machine over three years ago to solve an issue of making quality Tenons for Garden Bench manufacture. Benches have a lot of tenons and to do any meaningful production repeated quality and exactness is an issue (a gap is a gap no matter if it is 1/2mm or a baw hair), I have got...
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    Martin T54 & T45 Planer and Thicknesser

    http://youtu.be/rgWwpCkyUYI I very much like this combination though at the top end of the budget comapered to others, having used them they are quick and well thought out for user. Some very nice touches but again does not come cheap £25k for them both. Ow, I would go for the table extension...
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    Industrial Bandresaw

    The remit is no pit, speed, width of cut, auto feed, angle ability, reliability and noise. First up Weinig BKS, I like its size, jury still out about noise just like the Stenner, ease of setup and its fast enough. Easy to change to use angle cut facility, downside cost, the Rolls Royce here...
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    Industrial production panel making cell

    Just to let some know how industrial production processes for panel manufacturing for office/kitchen or wardrobe. http://youtu.be/xGWQ-pTQsns I have seen a more efficient modern setup but this does give a good grounding in how to. I was trying to show a CNC 5 axis with edgebanding as these...
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    Visit to York

    Spent three days in York, stayed at the Marriot. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed my walk round the city. Some fine old features and some of the shops were a delight. It is good to see small shops in the centres now and the narrow streets and timber frames was great to see retained. The folks...
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    Central heating, WC and water tank

    Sods law when you need them they always seem to go at same time. First the ball cock on WC overflowing so away for new washer with the pin, dismantle and replace. Quick and easy. £2.50 as well??? Second while outside seeing the overflow to WC was leaking looked up and the overflow to Water...
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    New Door hinge configuration

    Having seen and worked on projects with supplied Door Cassettes where the door/lock/hinge are already fitted in its frame mostly in Office developments and the like. I must question the hinge configuration. What you see now in factory fitted examples is the top fitted as per usual spacing but...
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    Power Tool Recommendations

    Having bought for my company more power tools electric/air than I should over the years for my Joiners to generally destroy here is my I would buy again list. We operate our tools all day in the workshop and are in the hands of Craftsmen/semi skilled who if their is way will find a tools...
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    Extraction repair

    I got a rude awakening this week from my 14 monthly COSHH test carried out by my Extraction Service Engineers. I did know that my filtration bags had been holed (I thought they were), well after 7 years I would expect some wear and tear. The issue was the fine dust was getting through the...
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    Tormek grinder clamp for chisles and plane blades (new)

    Was speaking to one of my tool suppliers and we got talking about the Tormek. He was telling me that there was a clamp (new upgrade to me must come with the T7) that did away with having to check for square when setting up for grinding your chisels and planes. I had got used to using indelible...