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  1. J

    Your opinion about logos.

    This is an innovative product that you are taking to market. As such your best sales tool is people using it and other people seeing it in use. For that to work you will need the prospective customer to know where to get one, as you can't rely on the user remembering where they got it! Hence...
  2. J

    Small Workshop Vacuum

    If you go for a shop vac, I find the power tool socket really useful. I invariably use it set so that the shop vac comes on when you start the tool plugged into it. Keeps the noise down as well. Not all machines have this. I have a cyclone connected and has dramatically reduced the need to...
  3. J

    What do you filter your paint with and into?

    Paper strainers and Sainsbury's soup pots (the wife likes the soup). These are OK with cellulose thinners (they don't disintegrate) and can be re-sealed if you have any thinned or mixed paint/lacquer over. The wife eats a lot of soup, so I also use these for old paint where the tin has...
  4. J

    Any advice on MDF variants?

    If it's any use, I get all my MRMDF from Vexgold at Thurmaston, LE4 8BB. It's pretty much all they sell. They certainly have Medite, though I don't ask for it by name. Whatever the brand I've been getting, it's definitely good stuff. I have noticed that sometimes it is all green and other...
  5. J

    Rutland chuck

    I used ordinary rubber feet screwed in upside down. I also use a cone of softwood mounted on a live centre to keep light pressure on the piece for as long as I can. Hope this helps. John
  6. J

    Drawer slides

    If you are using mechanical runners, they need the drawer to be narrower than the opening (usually by 12mm each side) to allow the runner to pass through the opening with the drawer. If the drawer front is separate from the drawer tray and sits inside the cabinet frame (so the drawer front and...
  7. J

    Method of joining simple bookcase

    Coming back to the 900mm wide bookcase, for a painted finish MDF (Moisture Resistant preferably) will do a good job provided the shelves are braced. For me 22mm is overkill. If it is yet to be bought, 18mm will be fine. To cover the edges I use Tulip/Poplar fixed with biscuits or a loose...
  8. J

    What blade sits on your table saw on a daily basis?

    I get mine sharpened at Oswald Cox in Leicester. Their collection and delivery service comes out as far as Syston for sure, but I don't know how much further?
  9. J

    we are wrong

    Droogs Nice one. How about the second floor though?
  10. J

    Advice needed for insulating a concrete floor

    I should have another look at the cost of running electric underfloor heating as the primary heat source. I have installed it in a bathroom and it really is just for making the floor warm to walk on when the bathroom is in use. If you have a combi boiler upstairs you can access, it may be...
  11. J

    What blade sits on your table saw on a daily basis?

    I've had a Felder table/panel saw for many years now and have tried a number of different Felder blades, which I found to be less than impressive given their cost. For the past few years I have been using Freud LP70M 003 315mm Dia 24T for just about everything from very hard oak to polystyrene...
  12. J

    we are wrong

    With the British weather, building the roof first makes a lot of sense, especially if you want to use exposed structural timbers internally. I remember well the sleepless nights worrying that the rain and wind would damage the glulam beams. I wonder whether it could be applied to a full 3...
  13. J

    Chisel sharpening on a budget...

    If you get into turning, you are likely to want a CBN wheel and a 250 Watt bench grinder will not do the job. I ended up buying the Axminster 900Watt grinder to run the CBN wheel, although I did put a wire wheel and a metal buffing wheel on the old grinder, so it still serves a purpose. If...
  14. J

    Waterproof wooden shelf for shower cubicle

    I have a shelf in my shower (to put the toiletries on) and used Corian. You can work it quite easily with a router and if you need to join it the bonding resin is very effective and, provided you colour match it, you can' see the join. It's been there for 20 years or more and shows no signs of...
  15. J

    Which welding rod?

    Roy I'm basically a woodworker and have the 3 phase for my machines. A couple of years back, on a whim, I bought a metal lathe (Chinese again, but a 12/30 gear head, so reasonably capable) to play with and have enjoyed doing bits and pieces with it, particularly when they can be incorporated...
  16. J

    Which welding rod?

    Thanks for all the responses. The Esab Ok 46.30 from Engweld or the IMPAX from Screwfix look to be in the price/quality "sweet zone", so I'll go for one of those. As to the power supply, the welder is a Minleaf ZX7-250 and the spec sheet says it can supply up to 250 Amps at 27 Volts. By my...
  17. J

    Which welding rod?

    Thanks for the link. The MIG Welding Forum had some useful posts. It seems there is a difference and not necessarily based purely on price.
  18. J

    Which welding rod?

    Hi I asked for, and was given, a cheap (Chinese) mini-welder for Christmas and am currently installing a 30 Amp socket to run it. The next thing will be welding rods and although I have decided to start with 6013 2.5mm rods, there is a huge range of these available at and equally huge cost...
  19. J

    1/4 sheet palm sander or random orbit sander?

    I have all 3 types of sander (plus a belt sander which I rarely use and a 30 inch disc sander which scares the life out of me!) For large flat areas the I use the ROS (blue Bosch 150), but usually with the item to be sanded removed (or not yet installed) and on the bench. If space is tight I...
  20. J

    Swivel head lathe recommendations pls

    I "cut my teeth" on a second hand (likely 10th plus hand!) Wadkin 150 which turned out to be a project in itself. Rather than spend my time refurbishing it, I bit the bullet and bought a new Stratos FU230 with the bed extension. It's a brilliant piece of kit and the bed extension gives you 1.05m...