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    Finsh Or Brad Nailers

    Looking at this https://www.lawson-his.co.uk/makita-af601-brad-nailer-16g?gclid=CjwKCAiAxeX_BRASEiwAc1QdkTxCKXWvKFyRhbCqreOIO3YUX1kOKI-MOK-7kWf1_HS8M7aHlqInVRoCiqUQAvD_BwE I thought 16g nailers were all finish nailers and only 18g can be brad nailers? Im obviously wrong somewhere!
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    Hi, I'm looking for a 16 guage cordless nail gun and there are a number out there. Im a bit of a pauper so a cheap one, £200 max. Has anybody any suggestions as to which is a good one? Thanks
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    Which Router Bit

    I,ve oredered myself a Bosch 1400 router which takes 1/4" and 8mm bits. I imagine that the 8mm bits are superior to the 1/4" ones so they would be the ones to use...am I right in saying this???
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    I'm soon to start making a dolls house with MDF for my grandaughter and would appreciate a bit of advice before I start buying bits. Can anybody recommend a good glue for MDF? Would 3.9 x 40mm MDF screws be suitable for screwing into the end grain (12mm MDF) without splitting etc? Thanks
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    A question you are probably fed up with

    I desperately need a decent bench drill and have looked at these. If you have any suggestions on any other make for the same price range please tell me. I don't particularly want to wait and try and find a second hand one which may be better for the same money. They are impossible to find that...
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    Beech Wood

    I've acquired some Beech wood (big branches) from some trees that have been felled. Measuring about 4ft long and at least 6inches in diameter. Will I need to dry these out before I can cut them up for use, anyone any ideas?
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    Tools For Engraving

    I want to engrave the names of my grandkids on some stools I am making, the letters I want about abut 2" high and perhaps 2/3mm deep. I was then going to paint the engraved letters and then varnish over the whole stool with Ronseal clear Ultra tough varnish. Would this be any good for...
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    Which Orbital Sander Would You Choose

    I want to buy a random orbital sander but limited finances mean a cheapie! I cant decide between these two, a Bosch PEX220A at £50 or the JCB ROS-330w at £57 what do you think? The JCB has a variable speed 6000-12000rpm with a 330w power output, whilst the Bosch is not variable but runs at...
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    Redwood or whitewood

    Might seem like a stupid question but I am an amateur and a newbie, but there seems to be different opinions as to which is the most durable for making outside furniture, redwood or whitewood? Any opinions? Also what type of wood is decking generally?, presumably it's supposed to last as seen...
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    Wood Preservatives

    I need to buy some good quality wood preserver for outside soft wood. Plenty of different brands about but they all seem so expensive. Can anyone recommend a good one at a reasonable price?
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    Kreg Jig

    Can anyone recommend a good cheap Kreg Jig or other ideas for drilling holes at an angle? They all seem so expensive for what they are. Thanks
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    I ordered online a Record BS250 band saw last week. it came with the box intact but the machine damaged. The base was badly twisted so it wouldn't sit flat, cracks were in the welding and a plastic cover had the holding lugs broken off. No problem with the supplier and 2 days later a courier...
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    Table Saw

    Hi everyone. The wife has said she will buy me my first ever table saw for christmas. I,ve always got by some how with just my mitre saw, hand saw or jig saw! Problem is our finances are a bit limited and £150 is her max! I've seen this at Screwfix Titan TTB674TAS At £99.99 (sorry can't copy...
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    I'm looking at buying my first pillar drill! =D> There's millions out there but my little budget is limited to £80, I am only a basic woodworker so can anybody give me a bit of advice on makes, what to look for etc Thanks a lot!
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    My new very old Record vice is now fitted to my work bench but I need to fit some wood over the jaws. Why does everybody seem to fit hard wood? Surely soft wood is better so as not to damage any work held between the jaws.
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    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I'm new to woodworking and everything I do is very basic so you will have to bear with me cos you might think I'm a bit dim with some of my posts (hammer) Anyway, I've just got myself an old Record 52E woodworking vice from a car boot sale, I've cleaned it...