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    Boxwood logs

    I've just had the good fortune to have been given some logs of box, around 27" long and the largest are 11" diameter. The question is how to dry and use them. I tested a fragment which showed up around 16%, so the wood seems to be reasonably dry already. I suppose I need to split them down...
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    Another bargain!

    Early ordering advisable :shock: http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-pr ... ers-952881
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    Flattening Machine Tables

    I have an Axminster WS1000TA spindle moulder on which the cast iron table is not flat: the middle around the spindle is about 2mm lower than the infeed and outfeed edges, making accuracy very difficult to achieve on many jobs. Front to back flatness seems alright; the problem is just along the...
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    Reverse running grinder

    I've been perusing update options for my cheapo wet & dry grinder (as I do from time to time) and spotted this idea: Creusen's reverse grinder & honer. Cheaper than Tormek or Sorby ProEdge. I do everything freehand and get decent results on turning, carving & general tools, so lack of jigs...
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    Circles on a table saw :0

    Yes, you did read that correctly: here's a person demonstrating this technique, along with his bullish defence of the method. Disclaimer. Posted for general amusement purposes only. Don't even dream of trying this. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to- ... table-saw/
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    Short grain!

    An amazing piece of work, although if as claimed, it's sculpted from a single piece of wood, it may be risky to try actually sitting on it. https://www.facebook.com/wonderfulwoodw ... =1&theater
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    Aw Nooo!!!!

    My lovely Record fore plane of late 1940s vintage fell on the concrete floor of the workshop. Since I use the fore plane a lot, I have already procured a replacement no. 6 on Ebay (Woden/Record, 1960s). Not as nice, but should do the job alright. Meanwhile, a mate has offered to try welding it...
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    Oil and French Polishing

    Despite being taught to use light oil to lubricate the rubber, I always thought it strange to introduce a substance so incompatible with shellac and meths. Having read elsewhere that oil is not necessary, I tried this for myself, quickly agreed and have never used it since. However I've long...
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    Rali Planes & Chisels

    http://www.rali.fr/rabots/rali-professi ... ution.html http://www.rali.fr/ I was at 'Expobois 2014' in Paris this week and had the chance to 'test drive' some of these Swiss planes. Not really my cup of tea, but interesting all the same and worth sharing on the forum. The flagship is the...
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    Variable Speed - a cautionary tale.

    Ouch! Don't anybody do what I just did #-o I have an Axminster AWVSWL 1200 which I like and find the variable speed feature very handy, except that the control knob turns very easily - too easily in fact; with the result that it can get altered without you realising it. I was just turning a...
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    Bench Grinders

    I've been thinking for a long time of upgrading my grinder, which is one of those wet/dry cheapo jobs and not very good. My sharpening requirements are: (i) normal woodworking tools, (ii) carving tools and (iii) turning tools. On (i) and (ii), recourse to the grinder is rare anyway as I use...
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    Good for a Laugh

    My plane collection, modest by some standards, but still numbering approx. 18 includes 3 Cliftons, a number of early '50s Records, one L-N, some Footprints, some oldish Stanleys ... So I'm not too badly sorted for good quality planes. Then in the post yesterday, this too-good-to-miss offer...
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    New' Eco Tax' in France

    I received yesterday, to my great irritation, a letter informing me of a new 'eco tax' being imposed on furniture - to cover the cost of recycling. As a maker of bespoke handmade quality furniture, mostly in locally grown hardwood from sustainable sources, I am reasonably hopeful that managers...
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    Dating a Stanley 53 Spokeshave

    I have a spokeshave which I'm trying to date, but the info. I can find on Stanley Spokeshaves is rather limited. It is the same as this example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-STANLEY ... 1001834866 Possibly, it's a 'Type 2', made between 1913-19. The tool's provenance would support this...
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    Rojek switchgear and the current heatwave.

    Dear All, I have a 3 phase Rojek MSP 315 planer/thicknesser, which appears not to like the current hot weather :? Workshop temperature has soared to 90 F this afternoon. Meanwhile, I've been surfacing a pile of softwood 3x1": so fairly easy work for such a machine After about half an hour...
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    Japanese tools - advice please

    A while ago I bought an Ice Bear Japanese V pointed marking knife: http://www.axminster.co.uk/ice-bear-jap ... prod20282/ The best marking knife I've ever had. However, the flat side is concave, as I believe all Japanese chisels are and the concave bit is now getting very near to the cutting...
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    Clear vision - or dust?

    As a spectacles wearer, I am often confonted with a choice between breathing dust, or seeing what I'm doing. :( The problem I've always had is, wearing a dust mask always makes my glasses or safety specs. steam up. So it's always a choice between mask or glasses. Is it just me, or does...
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    Bench Rebate Plane

    I've been looking for a bench rebate plane but can't justify the cost of the Lie Nielson one. So the first place to look seemed to be Ebay for a 2nd hand Record, or similar. No joy, but came up with, brand new, the Faithfull Bench Rebate Plane no. 10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=...
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    Hammer veneering

    This is a technique I enjoy and use quite a lot. Whether to apply glue to both sides of the veneer? There seem to be 2 schools of thought here, with many advocating glue on the top side to balance the veneer and act as a lubricant. Personally, I avoid doing this as the mess is atrocious and...
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    Rip Fence

    Just finished making a wooden rip fence for my dimension saw, as I do a lot of work in solid timber, for which the full-length alu extrusion is not suitable. I can move it forward to the correct position, but then have about 2 1/2 foot of fence protruding in front of the machine, which gets in...