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    Best size stebcentre?

    Any recommendations for the best size to buy if I can only afford one. Maybe 7/8 ?
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    1 Drill chuck MT arbors . 2 Pipe centres

    2 different questions: 1 - I need a 13mm drill chuck on an MT2 arbor. Axy do one for £11.30. Record Power is more than twice that. However, the Axy has a tang at the knockout end whereas the Record has a circular end. Does that matter? 2 I need a mini faceplate to mount on a live centre. Axy...
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    0.5 micron filters or put machine outside?

    We are told that filtering down to .5 micron is essential for health. Yet on the low speed high volume chip/dust extractors, such filters are an extra cost > £100. I assume that all filtering is upstream of the exhaust outlet, so that if the exhaust ( or the complete extractor ) is in a...
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    Lazy Susan - largest size platter

    Considering making one using bearings from Axy, Stiles &Bates etc. However, to be really useful, it would have to be a pretty large diameter platter (think oriental restaurants). Small ones would seem to be pretty useless as on a small table - you can just reach acrosss. What is the max diam...
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    circular cutter tools - what am I missing

    Reading my latest copy of Woodturning I am losing count of the number of firms pushing tools using circular tunsten carbide cutters. What's the difference between the cutting edge of a gouge and the cutting edge of a small circular cutter presented at the some position on the workpiece? I can...
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    Captive ring home made tool

    I fancy a go at one of these. However, I get the impression it's a novelty thing you do a few times then never again so does anyone have suggestion for curved scraper thingy or can they be done without special tools?
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    Best finish for peppermills

    These are going to be handled a lot, especially by the "cook" so I am wondering what finish works best ?
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    Spiral segments chas jones Woodturning Mag Nov

    On page 75 there is a pic of a pen holder with spiral segments arranged caterine wheel fashion. I am intrigued as to how this is done so if Chas is on this forum, I would appreciate some pointers.
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    Cryo or Kryo - worth it?

    Looking to buy a 3/8 bowl gouge. Crown have a cryo version via Axy £31.15 and Henry Taylor have a Kryo at £45.60 (non Kryo £35.40) via Toolpost. Sorby have some premium gouges as well. Is it worth the extra? In the case of the Crown, its a reasonable price anyway?
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    Brass powder inlay on bowl rim - stopping oxidising

    Planning to put banksia slice inlay in the rim of a sycamore platter with brass powder + cyano in the holes (like article in Woodturning some time back) . Does this mean I will have to use acrylic spray lacquer as a final finish to stop the brass oxidisng or will the superglue stop that so I...
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    Euro Wood Show - is it woorth going?

    I am only about 1 hr away and went last year and found it worthwhile. However, the exhibitor/demo/trade stand lists look a bit thinner this year. Any views from your visit today?
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    Colouring after texturing with decorating elf

    Any tips on the best way to apply colour after fine detail texturing with this tool? I have tried spirit stains before and after texturing but it bleeds through and looks a mess. Ditto with acrylic paint neat and diluted. No sanding sealer in either case. Cloth or brush no real difference. The...
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    replicating lemon skin

    Made a few apples and pears with no problems. Now trying a lemon but struggling to get the skin (orange peel) effect. Close inspection of a real lemon reveals v.small circular indentations surrounded by irregular scaly patches. I don't have a Sorby texturing tool so I tried filing some teeth...
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    durable finish for ladies bangle

    What's the most durable finish? Its in the nature of a ladies wrist bangle that the exterior is in contact with a variety of hard surfaces for a lot of the time I have tried melamine but it shows scratches quickly. Didn't try oil. I imagine polished wax finishes will mark badly. Rustins 2 part...
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    Screwfix Carbon Steel Forstner/sawtooth bits

    Anyone tried these for end grain hardwood? Screwfix reviews are very good but perhaps not from woodturners hollowing hardwoods? http://www.screwfix.com/p/forstner-bit- ... 1795950509
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    Offset candlestick geometry

    Just tried offset candlestick. Good fun but the results were more a fluke than any careful planning. I marked 3 off centre points at 120 deg interval on the tail stock end. This makes the eccentric diameter of coves largest at the tailstock end which is the top of the candlestick. To my mind...
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    3mm solid wood anwhere?

    Just got the Dave Springett book and want to have a go at lattice turning. Anybody know a source for solid wood blanks 75mm diameter 3mm thickness ? My bandsaw is not accurate enough and I don't have planar thicknesser or a belt sander, so making thin blanks of sufficiently uniform thickness...
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    Any Lazy Susans out there?

    Thinking of having go at making one: Questions: 1 Round or Square bearing assembly (ref Axy) 2 Minimum dia of bearing for a given dia of turntable to avoid tipping 3 If most of the surface in view will be covered by dishes, is it necessary to (wastefully) carve a whole table out of a solid...
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    getting the max internal depth on a bowl

    Seems to me that thick bowl blanks ( say > 3.5 inches) are hard to obtain and quite expensive so if I want to get the max internal depth on my bowl, I need to use an approriate mounting method. Both the dovetail/recess and the spigot/tenon approaches use up some of the overall so how about...
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    DIY foam jam chucks for reversed bowls

    Lets say we are at the point where both sides of the bowl are finished but you need to remove the spigot: Ideally reverse it on to cole jaws but I have none. So has anyone tried making a custom jam chuck using aerosol expanding foam? Toolstation have a low expanding type as well as the usual...