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    Wooden USB keychain (looking for suppliers)

    Hi All, I noticed these in the latest Rutlands catalouge and thought they might make nice and slighty different xmas presents but thought £25 for a kit was a bit steep. So has anyone seen them for sale anywhere else ?, preferably a bit cheaper. TIA cd
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    Anyone used powertooldirect.co.uk

    Hi I've been looking for an air filter for a while and have settled on the microlene MC400 which powertooldirect have here at about £40 cheaper than anyone else. What I really want to know is if there an ok company to deal with or is there a sting in the tail ? cd
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    8mm Collet for the Triton router

    Hi All I'm looking for a suitable 8mm collet to fit the big Triton router. As far as I can tell Triton don't make one so I'm wondering if anyone has found a suitable part from someone else that works well. TIA cd
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    Finally finished my router table (long with lots pics)

    Well its been nearly 3 months in the making but I've got a router table at last. Thanks to all of you who helped me out with the questions along the way. It started out with a sheet of 18mm MDF cut to sizes, rabbets cut in with my cheapie router. First pic with the main bits glued and screwed...
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    Triton router baseplate screws

    Can anyone with the triton router confirm the baseplate screws thread. I think there 1/4" UNC (I read in on here somewhere). I've just got mine and need some longer ones to fix it to the table so if anyone knows of a link to an online supplier that would be helpful too. Thanks cd
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    Help contacting record power

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me Ive broken a piece of plastic on my tspp250 fence and since i don't know what to call it i was just going to email record power with a piccie but I cant find an email address for them. If anyone has one could they let me know. thanks cd
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    How big is your router ?

    Hi all I'm planning on building a router table for a router I don't yet have :!: . I've cheated a bit and bought a ready made top from Rutlands in there sale so the overall cabinet dimensions are pretty much decided but I'm not sure how much room to leave for the router. I'm looking to get the...
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    Kerto - Never again

    After 6 weeks of pens and bottle stoppers and with a quiet day to myself I put off tidying the workshop to turn a lump of Kerto. My daughter persuaded me to buy this a the good timber sale earlier in the year because it looked "pretty". Well its horrible cheap plywood full of voids and loose...
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    Turning Pens

    Hi all, For some time now I've been wanting to have a go at turning pens, problem is I don't really know where to start equipment wise. I've looked a pen kits, mandrels, presses, barrel trimmers, bushes etc. These all seem to come in different shapes and sizes :? . I know several members are...
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    What have i got ?

    Hi, I've been given some old saws by my father inlaw they apparently belonged to his father so I'm guessing they should be at least 50 years old. they've not been used for about 40 years and so I'm wondering whats what and if there worth cleaning up sharpening etc. click on image for larger...
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    Anyone got a RS230KT ?

    Hi, I've been mulling over buying one of these and was wondering if anyone had one and could comment ? cd
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    Wireless Smoke alarms

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with wireless smoke alarms ? I've been wanting to put smoke alarm in the workshop (bottom of the garden) and have it sound in the house. The distance between the two is about 50ft and I dont really want to dig up the lawn for cables. I'd also...
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    cd's entry !!

    Hope I've put this in the right place, Ive never entered a woody competition before but have done the occasional small piece for money before and on and off I've been turning for 15 years. What is it? … It’s a Turned Bird Box in MDF and Iroko. The base is MDF, a 12 piece barrel turned smooth...
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    finishing mdf for outside use

    This probably seems like a stupid idea but I'm considering making a turned birdhouse from mdf. Main reasons being I wanted to try out a couple of idea's without using anything expensive and had some mdf lying around. The basic idea will be a segmented barrel type body (the mdf bit) with a turned...
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    Beech Windfall

    Pulled into the office car park last monday to find one of the large beech trees had lost limb to the wind. It wasn't that big and and no cars were damaged but this was enough for the building owners to get the tree cut down. Well Lunchtime came and a quick chat with the tree surgeons and I...
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    A tap for my headstock thread

    This might no be the right place for this so mods please move it if you need to. I want to buy a tap to match my lathe headstock 3/4" 16tpi. I have seen some good ideas for chucks and other lathe jigs in the articles section of http://woodturningonline.com and many seem to use hardwood tapped...
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    Soapy Bowls ?

    I've been reading a few articles on the web about using washing up liquid to soak part finished "green" wood in. It appears to help stop some of the movement and cracking as the peice dries. All I have read so far seems very favorable and after a weekend successfully harvesting a small cherry...
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    What to do with a Cherry Tree

    I have been offered a small (about 10" dia trunk I've been told) cherry tree. I have not seen it yet but if I help to fell it I'm welcome to any wood I want. I want to use it for turning and so I'm looking for advice on how to cut it up store it ect until I can use it. Some I would like to turn...
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    Which Tormek

    Hi all, Been lurking for a month or so now so its time to try my first post. I am thinking about purchasing a Tormek probably early in the New Year, mainly for sharpening turning tools. What I’m trying to find out from Tormek users is whether I should spend more and get the 2006 or will the...