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    Startrite 275 table saw riving knife dimensions

    The pattern isn’t all that well covered by the manual; it only gives an oblique view, not to scale, if memory serves; You can derive the dimensions by making a pattern and using the dimensions that you do know, ie a radius that will clear your saw blade (up to 305mm+ clearance). I don’t have it...
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    Startrite 275 table saw riving knife dimensions

    I’ll likely make a pattern for mine in due course, and get one laser cut, as I’ve done in the past for other saws; I’ll share the drawing when I get that done
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    Startrite 275 table saw riving knife dimensions

    You can derive your own pattern, based on the position of the mount (for the knife) relative to the blade and the appropriate gap (if I recall Startrite say max 12mm; don’t know if that’s standard or correct, but the manual will guide you). you also need to factor in the required position of...
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    Rip fences... AGAIN: ARRRRRRRRGH!

    I need a new rip fence for a 305mm 2.2kw saw, the primary use of which will be ripping large pieces of solid wood. I know this is a widely discussed topic, with many advocates of the Biesemeyer; I agree that these are an elegant and robust solution. The Axminster fences are often endorsed...
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    Broken riving knife bracket

    Could the broken remains be cut away and a replacement bolted in place? Either way, it looks like the motor housing will need to come out.
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    Stainless steel coil nails

    I’ve had a box of them for ages; if I can dig it out, I can let you know where it came from
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    Wanted Charnwood W020 router table

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    Wanted Charnwood W020 router table

    As per the tittle, I’m after a Charnwood W020 cast iron router table... Anybody got one that they’d like to move along? Cheers
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    Mitre gauges

    Cheers Moose, That’s food for thought indeed; that model had caught my eye, but I’d no info on its actual performance.
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    Advice on using an MFT to cut full sheets

    The latest iteration of the Paulk workstation uses simple extensions to enable a small table handle full sheets and them to be processed exactly as you would smaller pieces on a standard MFT (or similar). Might suit your needs.
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    Fair price

    Another data point: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Three-Phase-Industrial-Saw-Bench-Wadkin-/174644380531?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
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    Fair price

    There’s one on eBay, ending very soon, for £99
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    Retractable casters

    Thanks Aiden, min terms of retracting the wheel, are they smooth and easy to operate?
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    Retractable casters

    Has anyone made use of castors such as these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Skelang-Retractable-Leveling-Furniture-Workbench/dp/B089GM1Q9S They could be a handy solution for those machines that MAY need to be moved, once in a while; any thoughts on suitability, durability etc? Ta
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    Mitre gauges

    Good morning, I’ve been searching on here for up to date reviews/opinions of aftermarket mitre gauge; a few years ago there was a great comparison between some contenders: https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/head-to-head-mitre-gauge-review.42756/ There are a few “first look” things such as...
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    Flooded motor

    Great! Thanks for the guidance and encouragement. I’ll give it a shot, when I get a chance.
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    Flooded motor

    I’ve just bought a Startrite saw for the bargain price of £30... the reason being it had been flooded by the Rochdale canal! Most of the water damage is superficial; everything moves freely and the rust is not terminal. However, what’s the prognosis for the motor? My intention is actually to...
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    Startrite 275 refurb

    Have you thought of getting a donor saw? There’s one on eBay right now, with issues, but the cabinet looks fine; you could build one very good saw from the two, and sell any useable spare parts.
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    Small claw hammer for a small 7 year old?

    Hello and season’s greetings! My young nephew has asked for a new hammer for Christmas; he broke his old one through heavy use! I suspect that was part of a toy tool set. Can anyone point me toward a real claw hammer, available in a small and relatively light version? It can be new or second...
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    FS: Metabo ADH 260 Magnum p/t

    Metabo ADH 260 Magnum p/t in very good working condition, lightly usd and well looked after. Metabo billed it as "simple, rubust and accurate" Long planing tables (1200mm) suitable for planing of long workpieces. Large capacity throat (165mm x 260mm), cast iron table is supported on four acme...