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    What do you think

    There has been a book published by John Everett via guild of master craftsmen titled practical acrollsaw patterns. what i remember it had a chapter on scrollsaw basics might be worth looking in your library
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    Plastic puzzle

    Hi Folks I have an enquiry for 6 x 3 piece geometrical puzzle cut from plastic This is a material I don't work with if any one is interested Pm me and I will send you the information Regards Puzzler
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    Diamond scrollsaw.

    Hi Mr Woodward died a few years ago and I don't know of any spares outlet for this saw I have a 24" model with variable speed it is excellent, it is a bit slow for doing pierced work There is not a lot to it and does not need a lot of servicing. A little light oil on the rear top and bottom...
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    Excellent as usual, well done Carter Regards Puzzler
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    As some one who uses the scroll saw for 90% of my woodwork mostly puzzles. when i have posted puzzles Ive had some sarcastic remarks which does not help any one I had decided not to post any more. Something needs to be done to make adding pictures easier. Frank I love your tipper truck keep them...
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    Selling wooden items outside the EU.

    Hi Roy I have sent one puzzle to Canada and seven to the USA I had no problems all were delivered, and most if not all puzzle makers in the states use imported birch ply. No info on your coins or fretwork Regards Puzzler
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    Isle of Wight

    hi I take your point on the resolution I need to resize the picture to load on the forum try this one
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    Isle of Wight

    Hi All I am gratefull for any comments and thanks to those who did so. it is also encourageing to get other people to post their work, when they see there is interest on the forum. Regards Puzzler
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    Isle of Wight

    latest attempt A4 306 pieces
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    Treehouse II

    Well done Carter usual excellent quality Puzzler
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    goathland jigsaw A4 311 pieces cut from 6mm ply with 2/0 hobbies blades
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    hobbies blades

    Well scrollerman you have certainly tried a few manufacturers ,you don't say what problems you are having with them I personally use hobbies blades exclusively and have no problems Lots of people on this site use the other blades you mentioned and are happy with them tell us what your problems...
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    some of my work

    well done excellent work Regards Puzzler
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    Hi Clockie Well done, very nice indeed Regards Puzzler
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    Attention Jigsaw cutters

    PM resent
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    Attention Jigsaw cutters

    PM sent Puzzler
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    don:t know what i did
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    This is another print from the BBC country file 2012 calender 196 pieces cut with hobbies niqua 2/0 blades
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    Geraffe's money box plus others

    Hi Brian Nice to see some work being posted, looking good I especially like your Flinstone puzzle character Regards Puzzler
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    The Rocket

    HI Jadboog I don't have a catalogue I closed my web site coup;e years ago Most of the patterns I use are from Spielman books cutting them with Hobbies Niqua blades Regards Puzzler