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    Metalworking lathe .. person - help!!

    Hi Harlequin, If you have already got fixed up that fine but if not I run a small engineering business and manufacture articles for wood turners, produce spares for obsolete wood working machines, etc etc. If you wish to PM me I will have a look at your requirements and see if I can help. Best...
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    Cheeky request

    Hi Pete, Good luck you've got my vote. Ian
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    Magma Bubble

    Hi Johnny, Happy New Year and its good to see you have recharged you imagination over the festive period. I like the piece very much and i think the colour and texture are great but as with the other guys I cant see why you needed to include the finial. May I say as finials go it is pleasing on...
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    Screw Chuck

    Hi Rod, To add another suggestion to all the help you have already had my screw chucks utilise a piece of hard wood drilled to accept a 2 inch hardened self tapper with a No 2 pozi head. i screw one through from the back and when its 6mm or 1/4 inch from fully in I coat the threads with super...
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    Lidded Box in painted sycamore

    Hi Greg, Douglas and L W, Thank you for your comments and yes Douglas from the Hull area too. We have some good turners in the East Yorkshire Woodturners some excellent competion entries. Regards, Ian
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    Lidded Box in painted sycamore

    Hi Johnny, Thank you for your comments and I am pleased youlike it. I was pleased when it came 1st last Tuesday in the competition. Regards, Ian
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    Lidded Box in painted sycamore

    Hi Guys, Thank you for your comments. The spirals were cut by hand with a rasp and then a micro plane and finished with abrasive paper wrapped around a suitable piece of dowel. I spaced them with 10mm masking tape as a guide. Regards Ian
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    Lidded Box in painted sycamore

    Hi all, Thought I would share my latest competition entry from this weeks club competition. The object to enter was a lidded box and rather than turn one in an exotic hardwood, as i had just bought some 4x4 inch sycamore i cut a section off and spun it up. After producing the overall profile I...
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    Turned and carved sycamore bowl

    Hi Chas, Steve and Johnny, Yes Chas patience is a virtue when you stand and sand the trees and every time you look in a different direction you see another bit that needs attention. I do agree that the turning is the relatively easy part. Steve you're right about the soup especially if you...
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    Turned and carved sycamore bowl

    Hi All, I have not had much time to turn many new pieces but I thought I should share this item with you all and after reading the article in WT mag I felt i would have a go and submit the bowl in our clubs competition last month. This is my first shot in this direction and I am pleased to...
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    Acacia Bowl and Spoon 2

    Hi Johnny, That a good combination of bowl and spoon. I like the grain in the bowl and the green brickwork, a nice piece of work out of your shop. I must say I thought you had done an excellent clean up on your workshop for the mag. Best regards from up here in East Yorkshire Ian
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    wood turner in my area

    Hi Pixy, Just saw your enquiry before dashing out. Welcome to the forum and yes you are not alone in our area we have an active club that meets at Skidby village hall on the third Tuesday each month and we are the East Yorkshire Woodturners. I will pm you my contact details later today when I...
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    Black and Gold Lidded Form

    Hi Johnny, Good piece of work and I like the whole of it! Regards, Ian
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    Elm bowl

    Hi Johnny, Great piece of elm and a good looking chunky bowl. I like the black band with the dimpled and textured finish. You must be ankle deep in shavings! Regards, Ian
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    New year new work.

    Hi Johnny, Three good starts to the new year output, and I like the coloured rim bowl personally but we both like the influence of Nicks work and technique. The spalted beach box also works well for me with a good shape and texture. Keep the good work up, Regards, Ian
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    2011 Best Wishes

    A Very Happy New Year to you all ! Best wishes from East Yorkshire Ian
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    Merry Christmas.

    :deer Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all on the forum from a slightly snowy East Yorkshire Best regards, Ian :ho2 :deer
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    Merry Christmas

    :deer Merry Christmas to you all have a good day and enjoy your festivities with your families Best regards from East Yorkshire Ian
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    Magma Black Line Titan 400 , the photos / review

    Hi Allen, That looks fine now and capable of some serious machining. Regards, Ian
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    New workshop

    Hi Chris, Just come in from my un-heated workshop! Need i say more. Very best wishes with your treatment, keep your chin up and keep turning. Best regards, Ian