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    Have you noticed

    When I was younger it was get ready to go to dances and party's etc. Now it is get ready to go to funerals. My third tomorrow since Christmas. :cry: :cry:
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    Cutting aluminium t-track

    I would say junior hacksaw, it has finer teeth so less filing to do. Willy.
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    SIP Planer Thicknessers

    I have a SIP 10X8. It is a good machine the only slight niggle I have with it is changing over to thicknessing, it can be a bit fiddly getting the shaving collecting chute in the right spot. The machine won't run until it is. :mrgreen: Willy.
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    Insomnia. Any sufferers?

    just listen to the house of commons debating. I defy anyone to stay awake. :mrgreen:
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    Forum Users Router Tables

    Woodstar BS52 nearly a year old now. I am well pleased with its performance. (hammer)
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    Which air compressor and nailer?

    If it is just for DIY nailing then the cheap machines will work just fine. The down side is,they are all noisy. Why not get a larger machine that you may find useful at a future date for other air tools. Mount it on a trolly and you can move it out of your way as needed. Willy.
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    Burglar Alarm for the house

    240 volts to the door knob should fix ti. I know, its illegal, but if it has melted his lock picks to his hand, who is he going to complain to??? :mrgreen:
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    Text talk for the elderly

    Flaming whipper snappers, what's text anyway, some new sort of sex ???
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    Record spares?

    car boot is usually a good start. there are usually a few bits of woodwork stuff around. Willy.
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    Time for a new lathe...advice please

    Noggsy, I have a SIP lathe it is multispeed with a swivel head. A good solid piece of kit and I think it is in your price bracket. Willy.
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    Ruddy Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet thet have trouble trying to score there now then. :mrgreen:
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    Text Talk for the Older Generation!

    There is one missing here MPMTP (my pee missed the pot)
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    When told to sit down to pee move the chair as close to the pot as you can.
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    flourescent lights?

    I got 4 X6ft fittings from a local reclamation yard last year cost £10 for the lot.one turned out to be knackered but I think it was a pretty good deal. Willy.
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    Ruddy Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Football pitches are a wast of good building land.
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    `crazy or what

    Woodworking Olympics,now there's a thought We are already part way there, (hammer throwing) How about a wood turning marathon for starters???
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    New learner

    Thanks Nev I will pass that on to my Grandson. Willy.
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    `crazy or what

    I don't know about the Olympics, it appears to be a London thing. I would suspect that it will be very lucky if it only winds up with a few million of debts but other wasted money like the fireworks could better be used on things like road repairs or to get a hospital ward out of moth balls etc.
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    `crazy or what

    I read in the paper that we are having to tighten our belts a little more because the government are unable to make ends meet. On the same page they tell us that TWO MILLION QUID was spent of fireworks to welcome in the new year. I know on the scale of things it is not a lot but this money I am...
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    New learner

    My Grandson who is 16 is keen to get an apprenticeship in woodwork. He is keen that there should be some involvement in turning. He has spent some time with me in my workshop and to me he shows promise. Is there anyone out there who knows of a likely employer for such a lad in the north Yorks...