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    Lidded Box in painted sycamore

    Hi all, Thought I would share my latest competition entry from this weeks club competition. The object to enter was a lidded box and rather than turn one in an exotic hardwood, as i had just bought some 4x4 inch sycamore i cut a section off and spun it up. After producing the overall profile I...
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    Turned and carved sycamore bowl

    Hi All, I have not had much time to turn many new pieces but I thought I should share this item with you all and after reading the article in WT mag I felt i would have a go and submit the bowl in our clubs competition last month. This is my first shot in this direction and I am pleased to...
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    Elm Vase and Rippled Ash Bowl

    Hi All, I have been busy turning and not very active around the forum but from a thread of Johnny T he asked when I was going to produce something with the elm he kindly swapped for a piece of walnut when we met in the summer. So at last I have cut it up and turned this vase out of one piece so...
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    Pedestal Bowl

    Hi All, As a result of my days session with Nick Arnull and as a variation to the bowl produced with Nick I have produced this pedestal bowl for the club competition next week. I trust the pictures are ok , your comments are welcome. Regards, Ian
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    Holiday in Norfolk

    Hi All, Due to other commitments and also problems with the computer I have only been reading the forum when times have allowed. I have just had a couple of weeks in Norfolk and met up with Johnny T and had a very good chat and a look first hand at his excellent turnings and was very...
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    First output from the new machine

    Hi Folks, After 2weeks of no wood turning and your requests to see some output I created some shaving and turned these three pieces out:- First a square bowl in LP lace wood, second a clock in English walnut with kingwood feet, and third a pair of candle sticks in English oak with brass inserts...
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    Vici has landed in fine working order

    Hi All, When I was fortunate to get the first offer to buy in to Dusty Busker I could hardly believe my luck at securing the lathe I had decided was to be the mainstay of the workshop. Now I, like everyone else like to see plenty of picture in the threads so i have taken some WIP pictures of...
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    Two first time projects Hollow Form & Stick

    Hi All, I have not produced any hollow forms before and as our last club compertition was for a hollow form I thought I would now share it with you. The main form is ash with an Indian Laurel neck. My second first time project is a stick in oak with a cocobolo ball handle with a...
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    Two bowls and a box

    Hi All, Been busy with family things and other distractions to take up my time instead of being on the forum. So the sum total for the last couple of weeks are these two bowls and a decorative metal lidded box. This bowl is made of tulip wood, turned and carved with with a mini arbortec and...
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    Finial Lidded Box

    Hi All, After the final conclusion to my small pink tulip wood box I have revisited the lathe and with 6 inches of 3x3 inch timber I am pleased with the result. I believe the timber might be pink tulip wood but is slightly more brown in colour and this piece machined well but cuts such as...
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    Zebrano Pot pourri bowls and trinket box

    Hi all, While we were discussing the finial "to be or not to be" on the tulip wood box I also turned these Zebrano bowls and trinket box earlier in the week and have now had the chance to get the pictures on the forum. Firstly two different style pot pourri bowls and a metal lidded trinket box...
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    Pink Tulip Wood box with Blackwood finial

    Hi All, I have been turning the pink tulip wood box with a finial of African blackwood. I would appreciate constructive comments and criticism regarding the finial with reference to the style, size etc. Thank you in anticipation, Regards, Ian
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    For a few apples more and a box

    Hi All, Various forces have pulled me in other directions than on the forum for the last week but I have not been idle in the woodturning department and have been producing some more coloured apples and a Cocobolo box. Here are the pictures please enjoy and any comments will be most welcome...
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    Pendants. How I make them.

    Hi All, As requested here are several photographs of the production process for producing the pendants and I would like to thank Alan who took all the pics while I was showing him how to make them. I do not claim any originality for this method and was inspired by a demonstration by Gerry...
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    Pendants and Pens

    Hi all, I've been busy in the workshop again and here are a couple of pictures for you to look at, firstly "Something for the Ladies" and secondly five pens L to R Snakewood, Kingwood, 2x Cocobolo and Kingwood. I look forward to your comments/critique. The timbers are Pink Tulip Wood and...
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    Latest output from my emporium.

    Hi All, I have been quite busy in the workshop and in other directions so I have not had chance to post any photos of the latest projects out of the shop. So hopefully if I can get the transfere right from Photobucket we may have somthing to look at. Four views of an Oak bowl and now two...
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    Hello Guys heres last weeks output

    <a><img></a> <a><img></a> <a><img></a> <a><img></a> <a><img></a> <a><img></a> <a><img></a> Hi All, I have been very impressed by all the workshop output photographs posted by all you guys and considering the nice welcome comments i received today I thought I had better post some photographs of...