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    Possibly daft MFT question

    Ha ha - good point about the holes. I hadn't thought of that! My "workshop" is a garage and I've tried to move away from big and heavy to light and movable. I need a capable table - something to sit at and work on stuff but also suitable for holding things (mostly wood) to work on. Currently I...
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    Possibly daft MFT question

    Interesting thread. I've been debating the UKJ MFT from Axminster for a while but more to use as a bench than a cutting table. Being able to clamp on the top and verticals seems a great idea and one that is missing from many of the others. Perhaps I'm missing the downsides?
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    Electromagnet Bench Attachment A-Level Idea - NEED OPINIONS!

    I'd quite like an electromagnet strong enough to clear my bench. Perhaps mounted to one side?
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    Sometimes it's soooo obvious ..............

    I've been using old whisk heads from an electric mixer for years to mix paint (1ltr tins and less). Works great so long as you don't get too carried away and turn it into a souffle.
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    Electrical uncertainty

    +1 for Wago connections and boxes. When I had a similar space constraint, wiring some small spot lights with about 8mm space behind them... I made junction boxes using c. 10mm conduit (the type with the clip on fronts) which allowed me to pop them up into the ceiling space through the cable...
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    Diy bandsaw extraction... my simple idea.

    Something I've been looking at recently. I have a cast iron table so was considering glueing a magnet to a hose section or vacuum attachment - the idea being I can move it about if the table is tilted etc. No idea if it'll work.
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    Brightness/contrast at Chrome with youtube

    Some monitors incorporate software that enables you select different viewing settings depending on the content type (works across all applications - not just web / chrome). For example, you can choose "paper", or "media" etc on my Dell. Not available on all monitors but may be worth checking.
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    need new table saw

    I'm still using the stock blade - seems fine for everything I've put through it so far. I do not have the stand - I made my own mobile base.
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    need new table saw

    Got rid of my Xcalibur for exactly the same reason. I now have the DeWalt DW745 and so far I'm loving it. Best of all, I can carry it outside (which is where I prefer to work when the weather permits). It's accurate and has a great fence system. The only thing I don't like is it's quite noisy.
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    +1 the suggestion to practics in scrap. I've never been particularly bad at drilling straight holes but recall my early days when I'd not learnt to get the "feel" for drilling straight, or sawing straight etc. I've had and disposed of many jigs because I was too lazy to set them up and often...
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    First big tool purchase? £800 budget

    Having used mitre slots and sliding table... I think I'd be considering a sled. That is, if I didn't have a mitre saw. The other thing I would consider is a multi-function table and a rail saw.
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    First big tool purchase? £800 budget

    I traded in a cast iron tablesaw for a DeWalt 745. It's noisy but does the job. More importantly it is both compact and portable so I get more use of it than I did the cast iron monster. This is primarily because I work in a garage and on the adjacent patio. The DeWalt is accurate too and has a...
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    folding workbench

    This is exactly what I am using at the moment. It's was supposed to be a temporary measure; testing the usefulness of a table set up rather than a bench (along the lines of an MFT). It is indeed surprisingly stable.
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    Efficiency of finding Allen keys

    I used to have many, many, many allen keys in a sandwich tub - every new one (that came with a flat pack or tool etc) would get tossed in the same tub. I also had one of these in my toolbag and a handful that are part of socket sets. In about April of this year I rescued two extra large allen...
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    shaker doors

    I made shaker doors using 18mm MDF with 6mm planted on the front. Works great, very stable doors, just use coarse screws for hinges and be sure to finish the edges well.
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    Annoying Axminster ad!

    Would I be correct in saying the ads only provide revenue if they're clicked on? I never click on ads and so I run adblock because there is no downside for any party. However... As a user of this site, I would be happy to replace my Favourites link to Axminster and any other site I use with the...
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    Record Power Mobile Base for BS300 Bandsaw

    Aside from dust and a paint splash it's in good order. £20 collected from Bromley, Kent. PM me if interested.
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    Dust Filter?

    I tend to work with the door open too. Until I renovated my garage/workshop I was also venting my vacuum to outside via a 4" pipe. Currently I'm trying to determine the best combination of dust management. All tools are mobile so I'd prefer NOT to vent the vacuum outside again because it...
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    Dust Filter?

    I'm debating whether to buy a dust filter (e.g. Microclene, Record Power AC400, or similar) but suffering from a lack of understanding of the benefits... Are they really a good thing? The filter performance (Record AC400 "down to 1 micron") suggests they simply allow the really harmful dust...