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    Military Battle Tactics

    Well I am off work for a while as my elderly father is very unwell and in rehabilitation so have some time to use up at home. One of the things I have always wanted to learn more about are military and combat tactics from great battles/wars in the past. Came across a raft of books by Osprey and...
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    Condensation damage to walls

    Probably not the most interesting of topics but really need some urgent help so wondering if anyone in this broad church can advise what to do next? On Friday we awoke to blistering paint on a upstairs hallway ledge, soaking underneath, and a wet patch on the ceiling corner above it. My initial...
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    PRICE LOWERE—Festool DF 700 EQ-Plus GB 240V DOMINO XL - £850

    Brand new unused Festool Domino XL. Exactly the same as https://www.festool.co.uk/products/domi ... us-gb-240v Includes: DOMINO cutter D 12 2x empty dowel box open ended spanner, WAF 12 in SYSTAINER SYS 5 T-LOC, Additional Stop ZA-DF500. Never used, didn’t even get the chance to register it...
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    Broken Vertical Soil pipe collar

    In the middle of renovating my own house and I had an old fashioned but perfectly fine vertical soil waste pipe for a downstairs toiler (with a S type trap fitting). The drainage soil piping was all vitreous clay, and to my horror on Saturday i found the guys who were doing some first fix and...
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    How do I avoid being stung by Phoenix company fraud?

    Not sure I've got the right title to explain this, but how do you avoid doing business with companies that are here today and gone tomorrow, sometimes to find they have opened business with a new name? It's a business lesson I have never learnt, and almost got stung by a supplier this year. By...
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    Legal Advice buying a lock up garage?

    Has anyone ever bought a lock up garage and can help explain the legalities regarding the purchase? I need some more storage space and have come across someone offering to sell their garage, but wonder is it similar to buying say a house? Will I need conveyancing, obviously needs proof of...
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    Small footprint Table Saw with scoring blade Required

    Can anyone suggest a table saw with a small footprint (1phase) that has a scoring blade facility? I use a lot of veneered/laminate material and am looking to move up from current tracksaw setups. A proper panel saw is sadly not an option in this lifetime due to size so looking at something else...
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    Scroll saw stand or table?

    Hi guys, what is your preferred postion or set up for working on the scroll saw? trying to spend more time on it so want a comfortable position. Do you prefer a regular table sat down or say standing up on your feet? Just wanted to gauge what others do? I learnt from watching Sheila landry...
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    Car Diagnostic scanners - anybody use them?

    I have had an appalling run of motoring these last 9 months running into the thousands, the root cause of this being misdignosis and finding a garage with proper diagnostic/obd software. In late summer I had problems with my mercedes sprinter and some sensor equipment failing which I took to a...
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    Best way to kill roots - shrubs and woody plants?

    Do any of you know the best way to kill the roots/stub of say a shrub or other types of wiry woody plants? I small area of land to clear where I want to install a outdoor timber storage structure, but there is a lot going on with some really wiry shrubs. From experience I'm not sure I'll be...
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    Sawhorse choice - Toughbuilt v Fat max

    Need a set of sawhorses with adjustable feet height. Have the choice between these two. Does anybody have experience of the toughbuilt? I don't mind spending money on them but don't want to unneccesarily fork out if its not needed so advice/experience will be appreciated. thanks
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    How to proceed with compensation? - Water damage to workshop

    A few weeks ago I had a leak around the mains stopcock in my garage. I had a Homecare agreement with BG who sent out an engineer from one of their subsidary companies. In short, the engineer changed a lot of pipework and about 2mins after he completed the job, the new connections failed and...
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    Unmarked cars warning to Essex drivers after vans stolen

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-36902057 As if there wasn't enough to worry about in the world? Anyway, hope this saves someone. Be safe guys
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    How can I apply veneer to cylinder/conical furniture legs?

    Can anyone shed light on how to best apply veneer onto cylinder (round) or conical furniture legs (e.g. Table leg)? Square legs and tapered legs are no problem, but can't wrap my head round how best to do this in a home/small workshop setup?
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    attention evolution saw owners - earn £50 here

    Received an email today asking evolution saw owners for some market research feedback. Anyone who gets used by evolution will ge £50 for about 30 minutes with the company. Hope it is use for someone http://www.evolutionpowertools.com/esho ... 6643207ccf
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    Jet VBS18MW Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw - opinions Please

    Hi guys, when it comes to metal machining, I am a novice so need some help on what will be an expensive and difficult undertaking to add metal machining capabilitities to my home workshop. I plan on buying a small mini type mill too at some point, but at this moment I am looking at the Jet...
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    Fein Supercut v Festool Vecturo (or a Multimaster?)

    I need a multi tool for work, mainly architrave work, door(frame) retrofitting and some grout work. I have decided on a corded version but having trouble deciding which to buy - seeing either models will mean a bit of a trek so could do with some help choosing please if anyone has any opinions...
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    How do you make legs when you have no bandsaw or tablesaw?

    If you have no bandsaw or tablesaw in your workshop, how do you go about making legs for tables and chairs? For example, say we just look at tapered straigt legs (before we get involved with more complex spiral legs), how can you make them from either timber or laminated timber quickly and...
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    Aldi Air Compressor and Air tools this Thursday - Discussion

    Aldi this Thursday 05 March 2015 have a 3hp Air compressor and various air tools for sale as part of their special buys: https://www.aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuys/thur-5-mar/ Co-incidentally this weekend I was at the FFX Toolshow where I was speculatively browsing some nail guns when a...
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    Advice sought on building a cheap wooden storage shed

    After recent personal problems I am trying to move forwards and get back to work. I would like to build a wooden (or any other cheap material) wooden shed for the corner of my garden to store my aluminium scaffold towers, ladders and sheet materials. Am i better off buying a kit shed or should...