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    Stud wall construction help

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice..... I'm in the middle of building a small office in my garage. I'm building three stud walls (the other being the existing cavity wall of the house). The plan is to insulate the stud wall, and to use an electric heater if the office space. The walls...
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    Home Office - Wall Finish Help

    Hi all, This is my first post in a while, but glad to be back! I'm looking to convert part of my garage into a small home office as I am going to be working from home for the foreseeable. We've just had a baby and working in the open plan living area of our 2 bed bungalow just isn't practical...
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    Multico K3 Morticer - 3 Phase

    Price - £350 ono Location - Swansea Multico K3 Morticer for sale. 3 Phase machine which was previously used in an industrial joinery business. The machine was working perfectly when it was removed, and has been sitting idle for a few months in a dry garage, so should fire up instantly once...
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    Scheppach PT Wiring Help

    Hi all, This is my first time posting in a long time so go easy on me! My dad has fallen ill recently and I've been tasked with clearing his workshop as he isn't going to be working with wood again! We've sold the majority of the heavy machinery, but there are a few hobby type machines that...
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    Scheppach PT Wiring Help

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    Scheppach Prima HM1 Wiring Help

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    Scheppach Prima HM1 Wiring Help

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    Scheppach Prima HM1 Wiring Help

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    Help buying power tools from USA

    Hi guys, I am going to Florida in August and I will be taking a trip to Home Depot and Harbor Freight in order to pick up some "essentials". I am really interested in buying a fixed base router and would like some information about converting it to work over here. Is it just a case of getting...
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    Router help

    Hi guys, I am after some advice regarding a router and a jig for making staircases. The tools are for my dad who has recently set up on his own, he has got a number of stairs to make in the coming weeks and is looking to get a decent setup. Now I have recently converted my dad to erbauer...
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    Sourcing Multico Mortice Chisel & Auger Bits

    Hi everyone, I have got a Multico single phase hollow chisel morticer, it currently has a 1/2" mortice chisel and bit fitted, however this chisel is not in the best shape and I would like to get a new one. Does anyone know anywhere where I could source a suitable chisel & auger that isn't...
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    Interview with the Local Authority

    Hi everyone, I am just after a little bit of advice as to what to expect from my upcoming interview with the local authority. I have got an interview for a Building Control Technician and it seems like I am going to have to do some literacy and numeracy tests during the interview, I am not...
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    How to get this finish

    Hi guys, I am wanting to make some things for the house and I would like to get the aged effect similar to this: I am guessing that it is simply rough sawn timber that has been lightly sanded and then stained with some form of antique pine? Would I be right saying that, or are there more...
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    Best/cheapest pallet delivery

    Hi guys, I have been asked to get a quote to ship a multico morticer over to Northern Ireland, I am getting prices around the £130 mark. Has anyone had any similar experiences of doing this in the past? If so, who have you used and were they any good? Thanks
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    Would you guys be interested?

    Hi guys, I am currently on a summer break from University and I am looking for areas where I could make some extra income with my spare time. I was wondering if anyone on this forum would be interested in 12mm timber plugs? I have all of the necessary equipment to start doing batches of them...
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    Hand Plane Tune Up

    Hi guys! I have got three hand planes at the moment, 2 number 4's and one 4 1/2. I use one number 4 and the 4 1/2 for work and I am finding them difficult to adjust. The brass adjuster knob on the back seems to be very stiff and doesn't really adjust the cutting depth when I do get it to...
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    Damp House :( Please Help!

    Hi guys! We have just moved into our new house (bungalow) and we have noticed that things are starting to feel a little damp to the touch! The problem only seems to be a real issue in the bedroom and we have noticed mould starting to grow on the back of our (new) cupboards. We drilled two...
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    Drill press mortice attachment

    Hi Guys, I have got an axminster floor standing radial drill press and I was thinking of buying the mortice attachment that axminster sell however it says that my drill would not be compatible. I have no idea why it would not work with it, do you guys have any ideas? On another note, has...
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    Brand new drill press tripping circuits!

    Hi guys, I fired up my drill press yesterday to use on my first project, i got half way through the first hole and it cut out and shorted the circuit with the sockets. I reset the trip switch, turned it on and it tripped instantly. In order to test the circuits, I reset the breaker again and...
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    PGCE Interview for Design & Technology

    Hi guys, Some of you may remember the topic that I posted a few months ago about wanting to do the PGCE in Design and Technology in order to teach it at secondary school. Well..... I have applied and I have got an interview next Wednesday! I am quite nervous as I am not really to sure about...