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  1. Richard Berry

    GDR 600 hatchet

    A friend gave me this little hatchet as a thank you gift for some work I did for him. He's had it lying around for a while with the intention to do something to restore it. I placed it in a derusting bath for 48 hours and revealed a stamp. A bit of internet research later and I've...
  2. Richard Berry

    Jim Schofield - pandemic project

    This story is quite inspirational.
  3. Richard Berry

    Barbie's Woodshop

    As a 56 year old man, without any shame or embarrassment, I am going to recommend that you have a look at this Instagram account. It showcases excellent craftsmanship in a skillfully narrated storyline following Barbie's journey into woodworking. It is full of humour and clever nods to real...
  4. Richard Berry

    Attic workshop

    Since I live in an apartment and have no garden for a shed, I have floored my attic and turned half of it into a small hand tool workshop. I built in some cabinets, the plane till will form the basis of a wall cabinet that is in the future. The other half is my wife's storage space, and still...
  5. Richard Berry


    I was given a hawthorn stump which I have sawn up into manageable lengths and debarked. I have a few questions regarding it and it is not easy to find information online and none of my books makes any mention of it. I have found a few discussions about the American variety but not the British...