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  1. pils

    Timber Trusses (possibly of interest)

  2. pils

    A sort of wood project...

    I've set myself the task of designing a 'day bed (90cm x 190cm base frame)' for my severely mentally and physically disabled (adult) son, forgive me if this is sacrilegious, out of die cut 18mm poplar plywood. On occasion he has epileptic seizures and we require a 'safe space' downstairs...
  3. pils

    kity k5 replacement motor

    Hello the 1.1 kw 1.5 HP - SINGLE PHASE ELECTRIC MOTOR 240 V 3000 RPM motor on my kity combi no longer has torque. It's turning but even firm hand pressure on the spindle prevents it from spinning. Therefore, I believe, I may need a new one. Any bright ideas are most welcome. (besides cleaning...
  4. pils

    Kity K5 combi machine (manual)

    Hello I am now the proud owner of a kity K5 combi (not straight legs). I am also a COMPLETE newbie and don't want to hurt myself or anyone else. Would anyone have a .pdf manual? The chap who sold it to me is getting on in years and I didn't feel it was right to press him for the manual. He's...