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  1. tomlt

    Sold Jet JPT 260 Planer Thicknesser

    Hi All, I have for sale my Jet 260 planer thicknesser. She was bought new in 2012 and used lightly by me on a hobby basis for the last 8yrs, its probably done only 15-20hrs work in that time. Its in excellent working order, comes with 3 sets of knives, 2 are brand new including an expensive set...
  2. tomlt

    Wood related places to visit in kent?

    I'm off to Kent in a couple of weeks, any suggestions for wood related places to visit whilst down there? Old sawmills, ship builders, furniture gallery's etc etc. I shall be visiting Axminster Sittingbourne for a mooch at some point 😀. Thanks, Tom.
  3. tomlt

    MAC Timbers Open Day - Sunday 23rd August

    Hi All, Just a heads up that Mike & Rene will be hosting an open day again this Sunday from 10am - 4pm (ish). Mike will be demonstrating his sawmill, I'll be there to demonstrate the chainsaw mill and the usual cohort of wood turners will be there doing demonstrations in the workshop. Mike has...
  4. tomlt

    MAC Timbers Open Day - 11th August 2019

    Hi All, Just a heads up that Mike & Rene will be hosting another open day on Sunday 11th August 2019, from 10am-2pm(ish) selling timber etc. Mikes workshop and sawmill will be open for demonstrations and I'll be there with my Alaskan chainsaw mill demonstrating as well. Please come along and...
  5. tomlt

    MAC Timbers open day (Sunday 30th Oct)

    Hi all, Last minute reminder that Mike and Rene have their last planned open day for 2018 tomorrow (sunday). Mike will be demonstrating the new saw mill as well as selling timber. There will be a small gathering of fellow woodies demonstrating their crafts and a healthy supply of tea and...
  6. tomlt

    TV in the workshop?

    As per the title, please discuss. My workshop doesnt have many windows so was contemplating a camera/cctv set up to a tv in the workshop to see whats going on outside, if a smart tv it could be useful for video/music. Have a pc/tablet in there currently but they do get in the way, thinking wall...
  7. tomlt

    This really sucks... (Jet Cyclone JCDC-2 Review)

    ..in a good way! So today I got my brand new Jet JCDC-2 cyclone assembled and tested for the first time and I am well impressed, it aint cheap but it lives upto my expectations which is all I could hope for. So heres my review... Firstly it's packed really well, it came in a crate about 2ft x...
  8. tomlt

    B and Q MDF :-(

    Against my better judgement, furnished with 20quid from the inlaws, I popped into the nations favourite diy store for a sheet of 18mm mdf for a small project they had asked me to build. Now I wasnt expecting medite quality for my money, but for the application that wasnt important. I had them...
  9. tomlt

    A Grand Day Out....

    In the best spirit of Wallace and Gromit, I wanted to tell you about a recent visit to a very interesting place for anyone who's a bit "woodie". The tale starts with me and the Mrs on holiday last week in North Yorkshire (Wensleydale actuallly , hence the wallace and grommit bit). In a small...
  10. tomlt

    Triton Bobbin Sander Review

    I did a search on here before buying this and it didn't seem like anyone had reviewed it before, so here goes.... Working on a small mantle clock (a piece of wild grained sycamore) I was having some major issues shaping it using hand tools, so after looking around at bobbin sanders deciding the...
  11. tomlt

    How to build a blanket box slowly!

    So I've always wanted to build a blanket box, but with everything eles going on in life never got around to it, having moved house 3 times in the last 5yrs, it's only this year that I've got a place to set up a stable workshop. I went along to the Mac timbers open days in the summer and bought...
  12. tomlt

    An Introduction

    Hello everyone, My names Tom and I too am addicted to beer.....oh no I mean woodworking (wrong forum!) #-o I've been lurking around these parts for a while now, and have only recently got around to joining, this really is a great place and I'm very pleased to be a member here. I most enjoy...